Lani Seelinger

Lani Seelinger is a news writer at Bustle, where she writes about whatever comes up in the realm of news and politics. She has a particular interest in gun policy, reproductive rights, right-wing extremism, and populism. Lani also has bylines in History Today, Elite Daily, and the Culture Trip, among others. She holds a double masters degree in Russian, Central, and East European Studies and Political Science from the University of Glasgow and Corvinus University of Budapest, and she is currently completing a PhD in Political Science at the University of Helsinki, where she focuses on the rise of populism, new media systems, and the Czech Republic. Lani lives in Finland, her sixth country of residence. She loves languages, but she doesn't really speak Finnish yet. When she's not holed up in one of Helsinki's many beautiful libraries, she's either pole dancing, admiring every dog on the street, or sampling craft beer. You can find her on Twitter at @lani49.