Shannon Barbour

Shannon Barbour is an Associate Entertainment Editor at Bustle, covering television, celebrities, movies, and music. Any mention of Meghan Markle, Post Malone, Marvel, or The Masked Singer, and “Shannon is typing” will surely appear on Slack. Shannon previously worked for Cosmopolitan, where she wrote about entertainment, politics, and social issues, along with some beauty content and reviews of her jaunts in Aspen and Big Sky. Before her time at Cosmopolitan, she covered beauty for New York Magazine’s The Cut. Her work has also appeared in Marie Claire, Teen Vogue, and Bedford + Bowery. Shannon is a graduate of New York University’s Journalism (Magazine) master’s program and Baylor University, where she studied political science and French. When she’s not working, she loves staying up way too late, googling plot spoilers, saying “lmao that’s so me” to vague astrology memes, and sending voice memos instead of texts.