8 Looks From Pre-Fall 2014: Burberry, Tory Burch, Fendi, and More

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The idea of a "pre-fall" fashion season sounds overly indulgent — insane, even — to industry outsiders, but it's actually a savvy marketing move. See, pre-fall clothes are a shade more commercial than the ready-to-wear shows, and they show up in stores between May and July, bridging the gap before the real fall clothes are produced. The collections are usually shown in more intimate settings than big fashion week runway shows; they're also a bit smaller.

Yeah, it's a little stressful to be thinking about the fall of 2014 when we've just started thinking about winter 2013, but like all things fashion, there's no reason you need to wait till late August 2014 to start incorporating these silhouettes into your wardrobe now — and looking for inexpensive, vintage versions of this amazing Burberry fur coat.

Image: @scoolhunter/Instagram

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