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The Private World Of Camila Cabello

The next Cinderella reveals what makes it work with Shawn Mendes, and why she’s not changing for anyone.

By Samantha Leach


Tyler Cameron Is The Respectful King Of Florida

The Bachelor’s most eligible bachelor is ready to settle down.

By Brennan Carley
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Kathy Hilton Is Hunky Dory

Her daughter Paris practically invented reality TV, but 'Real Housewives' freshman Kathy Hilton is the person making it good again.

By Molly Lambert

Alex Cooper Takes All

She dominated the charts with Call Her Daddy, a podcast about dating powerful men. Now she’s one of them.

By Kat Stoeffel

Lori Harvey Speaks — Sort Of

With a quiet approach to fame (and the sexiest boyfriend alive), the model and skin care entrepreneur is bringing mystique back.

By Hunter Harris

Stassie Steps Out

Being "Kylie Jenner's Best Friend" is fun, but there are some things you have to do alone.

By Samantha Leach

Flynn McGarry, On And Off His Grind

The restaurant world is reopening, and America’s most famous young chef has discovered the perks of slowing down.

By Marian Bull

The World’s Most Coveted Sex Advice, At Your Fingertips

Doula and health educator Erica Chidi was sought out by celebs and tech CEOs. Now she can be your most knowledgeable BFF, too.

By Nona Willis Aronowitz

Frankie Jonas Is Doing His Own Thing

How the youngest Jonas brother, now 20, found his voice — raunchy, self-aware, heavily therapized — on TikTok.

By Brennan Carley

Doing A Reading With J.Lo’s Psychic

Yes, we asked about Bennifer.

By Madeleine Aggeler

Lakeith Stanfield Is A New Kind Of Romantic Hero

By Candice Frederick

Elisabeth Moss On Ghosting Dates, The Career She Never Had & Her Beef With Hand Sanitizer

By Samantha Rollins

The Penn Badgley Guide To Responsible Tweeting

By Dana Getz