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Blake Moynes Told Katie Thurston Why He Never Wants A Vasectomy & It's A Lot

The former Bachelorette documented their frank conversation on Instagram.

By Brad Witter

17 Sneaky Signs Someone Doesn't Want To Hang Out

#1: They always bring a third wheel.

By Carolyn Steber

11 Trainer-Approved Exercises For Better Posture

Rounded shoulders be gone.

By Carolyn Steber

How To Make Friends In A New City, According To Experts

One fresh group chat, coming up!

By Eva Taylor Grant and Kaitlyn Wylde
Mental Health

14 Latinx Therapists & Mental Health Experts To Follow On Instagram

Diversify your feed.

By Kaitlyn Wylde and Naydeline Mejia
Sex & Relationships

5 Tips For Emotionally Detaching After A Bad Breakup

When listening to “good 4 u” on repeat isn’t cutting it.

By Kristine Fellizar
The Sobriety Spectrum

Your Guide To Politely Declining Alcohol

Here's exactly what to say.

By Carolyn Steber

11 Foolproof Ways To Find A New Hobby

Actually helpful tips to fill the idle hours.

By Marlen Komar and Kaitlyn Wylde

3 TikTok Hacks For Insomnia That Sleep Experts Say Really Work

Lettuce tea, anyone?

By Carolyn Steber
Take Action

5 Action-Oriented Ways To Celebrate Latinx Heritage Month

Donate, volunteer, learn, and more.

By Jay Polish and Naydeline Mejia

The Best Yoga With Adriene Classes For Tight Hips

These'll bring much-needed TLC.

By Carolyn Steber
The Sobriety Spectrum

15 Subtle Signs You’re Drinking Too Much, According To Experts

#3: You’re annoyed when people drink slowly.

By Isadora Baum, CHC and JR Thorpe