Sex & Relationships

Sex & Relationships

Life After Lust

What does a relationship look like after cheating? One couple discusses their path forward.


These 3 Zodiac Signs Fall In Love More Easily Than Any Others

Consider them the hopeless romantics of the zodiac.

By Brittany Bennett and Jillian Giandurco
It's Hot When

It's Hot When People Call You By Your Last Name

It’s like we’re teammates, but we’re banging.

By Sophia Benoit
It's A Pleasure

Is It A Bad Idea To Lose My Virginity To An Old Crush?

I want to get my first time over with, but I don’t fully trust him.

By Sophia Benoit

The 'Sex And The City' Cab Light Theory, Revisited

“Men are like cabs. When they’re available, their light goes on.”

By Maria Santa Poggi
It's A Pleasure

My Ex Wants To Get Back Together. Do I Need To Tell Him I Cheated?

Our relationship was losing its spark and I accidentally slept with my previous ex.

By Sophia Benoit

Everything I Learned About Sex From The Sims

Let’s talk WooHoo.

By Chloe Foussianes
Sex & Relationships

When Having An Affair Is An Act Of Self-Care

Jo Piazza’s new podcast She Wants More explores how affairs can make women feel seen, confident, and even happier in their marriages.

By Hannah Orenstein

11 Reasons Strong Couples Don't Need To Celebrate Valentine's Day

It’s a pretty arbitrary day, after all.

By Chrissa Hardy, Kristine Fellizar and Carolyn Steber
I Can Buy Myself Flowers

Here's Why Trash-Talking Your Ex Can Actually Help You Move On

(Up to a point — experts pinpoint when the habit becomes unhealthy.)

By Genevieve Wheeler
Valentine's Day

50 Valentine’s Day Instagram Captions To Post If You’re Single

#34 is too real.

By Jessica Booth, Lexi Inks and Carolyn Steber
It's A Pleasure

My Partner Wants Me To Wear A Diaper During Sex. Help!

Am I being too sensitive about his request?

By Sophia Benoit
Sex & Relationships

18 Hinge Prompt Answers To Try If You’re Looking For Something Casual

“Go with witty and sarcastic but also the truth,” says a relationship expert.

By Lexi Inks

12 Active Date Ideas That'll Get You & Your Boo Outside

For when you're bored with movie night.

By Lexi Inks
It's A Pleasure

Help! I Haven't Had Sex With My Partner For 3 Years. He Blames Porn.

I’m fine with my vibrator, but this can’t be healthy, right?

By Sophia Benoit

A Doctor Weighs In On Prince Harry's Frostbitten Penis

You're welcome.

By Chloe Foussianes

12 Creative Double Date Ideas To Try With Your Fave Couples

Expert-approved ways to up the ante from the usual dinner with friends.

By Lexi Inks