First Indian Model To Star in Guess Ads

It's as if the fashion gods were listening: On the heels of Joan Smalls' criticism of the fashion world's lack of diversity and plus size model Robin Lawley's comments on size, Guess has welcomed fresh new face Priyanka Chopra into its previously homogenous clique of models. The New York-bred actress and model was recruited by the Paul Marciano, the company's CEO, marking a turning point for both the company's advertising imagery and the fashion industry at large.

In a recent interview with WWD, Chopra cited the brand's intent to focus on global recognition and expansion as the reason for her collaboration with the company. Until November 2013, Guess largely remained loyal to to its archetypal model, seeking blond, voluptuous, charismatic and typically white women. Chopra's campaign for Guess is the first time an Indian model will be the star of their ads.

Chopra began her rise to fame when she became Miss India as a teen, shortly followed by a Miss World title, and will celebrate her Guess debut by releasing an album in this coming Spring. Chopra told WWD:

I'm an amalgamation of both the East and West. I'm not too American and I'm not too Indian, but I'm a global citizen, and that's what most people are today.

Hopefully, the campaign will encourage other designer brands to branch out and embrace diversity in their models. The fashion industry does have increasing globalization to think about, and including models who represent more than one small ethnic group in campaigns is certainly a manner of not only expanding its presence but also assuring women that different and unique is beautiful.