Hipster is Tumblr's Most Reblogged Fashion Term

Although you may be spending more time on Pinterest curating your favorite street style looks, Tumblr is still relevant when it comes to discovering favorite new fashion trends. This year, the blogging platform and social media networking site has decided to publish a "Year in Review," sharing what was most popular on their site this year.

Among the lists was the official round-up of the most reblogged fashion terms of 2013. Here's what Tumblr stylistas were talking about all year long:

  1. hipster
  2. grunge
  3. indie
  4. pale
  5. swag
  6. pastel
  7. rosy
  8. girly
  9. pastel
  10. boho
  11. street style
  12. hippie
  13. retro
  14. menswear
  15. floral
  16. kfashion
  17. goth
  18. glasses
  19. sunglasses
  20. lace
  21. pastel goth


It may not come as a surprise that the term "hipster" reigned supreme this year. Although no one wants to admit that they are one, it's obviously a popular style that continues to inspire how people choose to dress. From black rimmed glasses to vintage oversized Grandpa sweaters, Tumblr has reassured us that this "look," isn't going anywhere soon. One celebrity who continues to embody the term "hipster" with her chic and effortless style is Alexa Chung. In 2011, she even called herself one, admitting to Refinery29 that she was "very much a cookie-cutter hipster." We're certain you could find her all over the hipster search term page.

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It was no secret that the fashion world tried to channel Seattle-in-the-nineties as much as possible this year. Leather jackets, ultra-distressed jeans, flannel everywhere — grunge was white hot in 2013. Although Miley Cyrus isn't always super grungy, she definitely adopted the style into her look this year. Let's not forget, the girl wore Dr. Martens in her "Wrecking Ball" video.

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We think "indie" and "hipster" are pretty close, but some would argue that those who embrace the "indie" style focus more on wearing pieces from small, independent brands or even their own DIY-made pieces. Still confused what that looks like? Think Kirsten Dunst. Although she's a huge movie star, she still prefers to keep her fashion simple and comfortable, but always stylish.

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