25 Plus-Size Winter Coats to Fall in Love With

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It's taken a while, but I'm finally excited for the winter season. Maybe it's because cafes have unleashed their gingerbread and peppermint mochas. Maybe it's the holiday shopping. Maybe it's the fact that the Doctor Who Christmas Special is just around the corner. But I'm actually looking forward to the snow (we haven't had any yet where I live!) and the nights by the fire and the hikes on the frosty hills.

I've also been looking forward to buying a new winter coat. Every year, I try to treat myself to one. We get so wrapped up in finding the perfect gifts for our loved ones over the holidays, that it's just nice to take some down time and think of yourself a bit. You've made it through another year of work or school or dating hell. You deserve a self-purchased gift.

As I searched for the perfect coat to give myself, I realized that this year has seen so many advances in plus fashion that the decision wasn't going to be as easy as it normally is (a quick trip to the plus section of Lord & Taylor, usually). There were so many options that it took me a month to decide. I finally went for this cozy, wool, cotton candy pink coat. It was a little out of my comfort zone (it's just SO pink) but I ended up falling in love and feeling prepared for a blizzard. Since I found so many great coats on my own quest, I rounded 'em up for you; whether you're on a budget or looking to splurge a bit, something will probably strike your fancy.

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