Cara Delevingne Is 2013's Most Searched Fashion Personality: 25 Reasons We Googled Her This Year

By Candace Bryan
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In the least shocking news ever, Cara Delevingne was the most searched person in fashion in 2013, and the most re-blogged model on Tumblr. Um... duh.

I'll admit it, I've Googled Cara D several times this year, for many reasons. The primary reason is that I'm a fashion writer and it took a good six months of Googling to feel confident when spelling her name. But a less practical reason is that Cara is by far the most interesting supermodel around right now.

I mean, I admire Coco Rocha: she's young and successful but already expanding her career in a number of ways that include (wild card!) writing about technology. I love Kate Upton for dealing with being dubbed "curvy" and "big for a model" even though the girl is really thin. (Also I admire her dance moves, no lie.) Heck, I even admire Miranda Kerr; it would take a stronger woman than me to walk away from Orlando Bloom's dreamy eyes.

Yet, despite all this, Cara Delevingne is the one model who substantially holds my interest. Despite being a rich lady with a rich family and convenient connections and genetics, Delevingne has somehow managed to keep her career fun and fascinating. So here's a look at all the reasons I, and apparently everyone else in the world, can't stop looking her up.

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