Clear Cases To Show Off Your New iPhone

With the release of the brand-new iPhone 6S in rose gold, clear iPhone 6 cases are going to be hot commodities this fall so that everybody can take in that awesome color. Apple reported that13 million new iPhones had been sold since the product's release, blowing away last year's comparative sales of 10 million units. Tech experts and consumer reviews are praising the new phone's features, like 3D touch, 4K video, and Hey Siri.

Apple already has 43.1 percent of the U.S. smartphone market share, and that may well increase with the release of the latest model. One of the problems with everyone having the same phone is figuring out how to show off your personality through it. Our phones are such an integral part of our lives — in some ways, they are extensions of ourselves. We put great care into other aspects of our appearance, so why not our phones?

If you just got the new iPhone 6S in rose gold, you definitely don't want to hide that beautiful color behind a bulky case. Luckily, there are some beautiful, unique, transparent cases available online that can help you stick out from the rest of the iPhone crowd, and show off that new phone that you just dropped mad cash on.

If you're sassy and you want everyone to know about it, this phone case might be for you.

This case from Revolve also serves as a great accessory if you're able to take a tropical vacation during the holiday season.

Disney fans rejoice!

If you're a Disney fan, check out GracesGlitterCases on Etsy. She features your favorite Disney Princesses on transparent cases, with or without glitter.

For your artsy side.

If you want a sleek geometric vibe for your new phone, this case from Fossil has cool fall colors and a protective bumper (also great for Hufflepuffs).

You could get this super cool spider web case from Zoarah.

There's still time to order before Halloween!

Pet lovers will love this Kate Spade case.

If you're missing your dog while you're away at college, or just want everyone to know how much you love your puppy, this is the case for you.

Looking for something to show off your funky side?

This pomegranate case from Anthropologie is eclectic and adorable, and comes in other fruits too.

Still not funky enough?

This psychedelic mandala design from Casetify could be right up your alley. Casetify offers dozens of designs for most popular phone models, including Galaxy S4 and S5.

Online marketplaces like Etsy and Pinterest are great resources for unique cases from small vendors. You can always find something creative and one of a kind. Your phone is a big part of your life, so it's OK to splurge on how it looks. Now go forth and find your soul case!

Images: Anthropologie, Casetify, Fossil, GracesGlitterCases, Kate Spade, Revolve, Zoarah