7 Fabulous New Year's Eve Outfits for Any Type of Party

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Got plans for New Year's Eve yet? I KNOW ME NEITHER. Better start sidling up to your frenemy who's throwing a huge bash in her reclaimed barn "studio" (One Direction is rumored to perform), lest you want to be drinking champagne in your bathtub, alone, come 12:01 AM on January 1, 2014.

Or maybe a solo champagne date is exactly what you're craving after a 2013 filled with social media saturation, FOMO-induced over-scheduling, and late nights at your supposedly "laid-back" office. Whatever your plans for December 31, 2013, we've got an outfit recommendation for you. Accessorize with a bottle of something sparkling, a lot of flashy rings, and a preternaturally 2014 attitude.

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