Climate Change Halloween Costumes? You Bet

The Halloween season is in full swing. Haven't you seen it yet? All the bags of candy blanketing the store shelves, the overly ambitious jack-o-lantern plans your friends keep talking about, the ever-increasing tide of needlessly "sexy" costumes — it's all coming together. But what if you're socially conscious, environmentally aware, and you want to get in on the act? Never fear, because here are 8 climate change Halloween costume ideas to help you look your best, while hopefully sending a worthwhile message, too.

Obviously, it's important to keep your costume ideas in at least reasonably good taste. Invariably, each Halloween brings with it a slew of embarrassing photos of people in wildly offensive outfits, and you don't want to be that person, so it's important prioritize comfort, style, and good humor without trivializing the seriousness of the issue. Basically, if there's anything provocative about your costume, you want it to be the awareness it raises about a crucial global issue. Unless you're going as a sexy climatologist, of course!

In any case, if there's anything that'll get you some Halloween respect, it's a costume that shows some thematic creativity. Here are 8 different climate change-themed possibilities you could roll out on Halloween night.

1. The Searing, Unrelenting Sun

Sun Costume, $39, Amazon; Aviator Sunglasses, $7, Amazon

When you hear the words "climate change," what do you think of? Perhaps your mind goes to all those times you've been distractingly, uncomfortably warm, with the sun beating down on your increasingly dry, cracked skin. That damn sun! Well, if you're looking to give people a reminder of the perils of rising global temperature, dressing up as the sun is an easy approach. A pair of aviators would look pretty good, too.

2. The Sweat

Spray Bottle, $8, Amazon

If you don't mind getting a little greasy on Halloween — lowbrow parties only on this one, probably — just assume the appearance of a person who can't stop sweating. You know that feeling you get when it's just too muggy out, and the moisture just flows and flows? A good way to do this is to fill a spray bottle with a little warm, slightly salty water, and occasionally mist your skin with it to keep up that glazed look. It'll be important to dress lightly, maybe just a shirt and shorts, so to show off your sticky skin.

3. The Drought

Rothco 3 Piece Set, $12, Amazon

Which drought? Doesn't matter! If you happen to live in California, you're no stranger to the impact of a climate change-related dry spell, as the Golden State is currently enduring the worst drought in its modern history. If you want a costume to hammer home the image of the climate-change fueled drought, wherever it may be, the clothing barely even matters — just stitch, tape, wrap or otherwise attach a bunch of empty bottles, containers, canteens, even measuring cups all over yourself — belt loops are a must. And obviously, make sure they're all bone-dry.

4. The Rain

Climate change doesn't just mean higher temperatures, which is why some favor it over "global warming" — it can also cause chaotic and severe weather events like storms and floods. This one is a good choice for anyone who already lives in a rainy area, because you might already have a rain poncho in your wardrobe. Just wrap yourself under a couple layers, throw one over it, and make sure your socks are tucked in.

5. The Farting Cow

Cow Costume, $50, Halloween Costume; Fart Noise Machine, $13, Amazon

Even our dietary habits are tethered to the climate change issue — the human appetite for beef contributes to greenhouse gas emissions each year, partially by way of the amount of methane produced by all those cows. If you're in a lowbrow mood, this one's a simple, two-step process: cow costume + fart noise machine = Halloween gold.

6. The Scientific Consensus

Lab Coat, $14, Amazon

You'll need a few friends for this one, but at least you can pool the costume costs — just pick up four or five lab coats, some clipboards that you can attach a climate change-affirming study to, and you're ready to go. This one is dependent on how much you're willing to prepare, however, since it's important that you actually know the facts in case someone wants to argue with you.

7. The Umbrella

Umbrella, $18, Amazon

Nothing says downpour like an umbrella, and just remember: it's not actually bad luck to carry an umbrella indoors, that's just superstition. It is rather rude in a confined space, however, so consider folding it up while you're inside, maybe keep it crooked over your shoulder.

8. The Climate Change Bill

Uncle Sam Suit, $15, Amazon

Halloween costumes don't always allow for a ton of subtlety, and this one doesn't — it's a pretty straightforward political spin on things. Just get yourself an Uncle Sam suit, a thick, bound-up stack of pages with CLIMATE CHANGE printed on the top, and be prepared to offer your most cynical excuses for why the Congress has refused to take action.

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