The Best Waterproof iPhone 6S Cases

by Alicia Lu

I don't know about you, but getting my hands on my new iPhone 6S has been a hellish experience — all because my buzzer is broken and coordinating with UPS is like herding cats running from llamas on the lam. So when I do finally get my hands on it (which should hopefully be today, pray for me), I'm going to cherish the hell out of it. If you've succeeded in getting your brand-new iPhone 6S, then you'll probably want to do the same. Not any old case will do when it comes to Apple's cutting-edge new smartphone. You'll want to check out these beautiful, sturdy, waterproof iPhone 6S cases, which are just as chic as they are protective.

Apple's latest smartphone comes with a variety of unprecedented features, from live photos to 3D Touch to perhaps the most exciting new addition: the rose gold color. It's no surprise that people who have bought the newest model are raving about it. However, just like with any other precious device, it needs to be taken care of and protected from all of life's elements and fumbles. Just think about how often you check your phone while sipping hot tea or lounging by the pool or — let's admit it — sitting on the toilet. We risk spilling liquid on our phone or dropping it into a body of water every day, so why not buy yourself some extra insurance by sheathing your new iPhone 6S in a waterproof case?

Check out these eight ace options.

The Bessmate iPhone 6S case gives you the option of creating a waterproof seal by pressing the two sides together, which will make your phone submersible in over 6.6 feet of water.

Bessmate iPhone 6S Case, $18,

Not only will the super durable Trentium 6L Rugged iPhone case protect your iPhone from water, dust, and drops, but its slim, low-key appearance will make others think you're not using a case at all.

Trentium 6L Rugged iPhone Case, $16,

The Lifebox Rugged Protection Case will pretty much make your iPhone 6S everything-proof. Plus, this deep burgundy color will look classy with any outfit.

Lifebox Rugged Protection Case, $36,

How cute is this creamy orange color? The Lunatik Aquatik iPhone case is a true marriage of style and function.

Lunatik Aquatik iPhone Case, $90,

If you don't need to make your iPhone waterproof all the time, then opt for the Akiko waterproof pouch, which fits most smartphones, credit cards, cash, and just about anything else you wouldn't want to get wet.

Akiko Waterproof Pouch, $8,

This is not for the average phone user. The waterproof Optrix by Body Glove case allows adventurers to take photographs in even the most extreme elements, and even comes with interchangeable lenses.

Optrix by Body Glove Case, $95,

When it's shielded in the Griffin Survivor Summit case, you can drop your iPhone into puddles and mud, or onto concrete from 10 feet without even scratching it.

Griffin Survivor Summit case, $50,

There's a reason the company is called Lifeproof. Its Fre for iPhone 6S case is waterproof, snow-proof, dirt-proof, and drop-proof. In other words, life-proof.

Fre for iPhone 6S case, $80,