Cheap Hillary Clinton Halloween Costume Ideas

by Liz Posner

Hillary Clinton might very well become our next president next year, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun riffing on her this Halloween. People have been dressing up as her ever since her husband was president in the '90s, so why not mix it up a little and try one of these fun, cheap Clinton costumes? There are lots of ideas out there for low-budget Clinton-inspired costumes, but here are a few suggestions for outfits to stretch your dollar. Millennials are, after all, infamously debt-ridden and strapped for cash. So save your money this Halloween, and don't forget the tried-and-true secrets to making a cheap costume: thrift stores, your mom's closet, and crowdsourcing. Post on Facebook if you are looking for a specific item, and let your friends help you find it. Who knows — your cousin's friend's sister might have the perfect Hillary Clinton pantsuit already hanging in her closet.

Before you shop, thrift, and borrow pieces for your inexpensive Clinton costume, be warned: You might need a mask. The Clinton mask might be the most expensive item in the ensemble, but it's basically a must. You don't want to show up at a Halloween party and have no one get your costume, do you?

This is one of the less expensive versions available online, but check your local costume supply shop for a cheaper one. Or ask around. To reiterate, Clinton has been a popular costume choice for two decades, so you may know someone who already has a mask.

Hillary's Benghazi Emails

Here's a costume idea that could cost you almost nothing. It's a tongue-in-cheek look that can be thrown together at the last minute. All you need is paper, a printer, glue, and an old dress.

Step 1

Find a simple black or white dress that you don't mind ruining. Use one that you already own to be economical, or buy a dress like the one below.

Step 2

Google search for emails Clinton released to the public. Print out a bunch. Grab a staple gun or glue stick, and paste the printed emails haphazardly around the dress.

Clinton Leading The People

The Delacroix painting is one of the most famous depictions of a woman, well, leading the people. And it can make a cheap and easy Clinton-themed costume.

Step 1

Find a neutral-colored peasant dress at a thrift store, or order the version above. Don't worry about it looking exactly like the one from the painting. You can always grab a red tie from a friend and wrap it around your waist. The key to making it realistic is to find a dress that's long, loose, and off-the-shoulder. Also, just to note: You certainly don't have to expose your chest to make a convincing "Liberty Leading the People." Unless you're combining this dress with a "Free the Nipple" costume. You do you.

Step 2


Accessorize! Add a fake bayonet and swap the French flag for an American flag. Finally, put on your Clinton mask for a punchline.

Power Suit Hillary

Nobody rocks a pantsuit like Clinton. She infamously has worn one in every color of the rainbow:

Rock the power suit this Halloween for a classic take on the Clinton costume.

Step 1

Simply visit your local thrift store for the most brightly-colored suit you can find. Remember: NO skirts, pants only. This Ralph Lauren one is the right color, but is a bit pricey. For this costume, I recommend buying thrift or scoping out your mom's closet for an '80s pants-and-jackets combo.

Step 2

Check your closet for a pair of low, closed-toe, respectable heels in a dark or neutral color. You don't want to draw too much attention to your shoes. Let the suit do the talking for this costume.

This version from Payless is perfect, and seem comfortable enough to dance or trick-or-treat in all night.

Khaleesi Clinton

Nothing like a good pop culture mashup to get the point across this Halloween. Especially if you're a Clinton supporter, you'll love this Game of Thrones-inspired costume. Simply combine Daenerys Targaryen accessories with some Clinton 2016 gear, and bask in the glory of being the woman on top of the world.

Step 1

See the above instructions for finding a brightly-colored pantsuit. Or treat yourself to a Clinton 2016 campaign T-shirt. You can wear it again next year after Hillary inevitably wins the Democratic nomination.

Step 2

Invest in a Daenerys wig, unless you naturally have long white-blonde hair. These days, Khaleesi wigs are a dime a dozen. Wear it with your Clinton mask.

Step 3

Find a stuffed animal you already own, or order this plush dragon.

To go the extra mile on this one, print out a picture of Chelsea Clinton's face and glue it around the dragon's head. Or don't, if this costume seems ridiculous enough as is. Then again, this is the time of year to wear ridiculous things. Happy Halloween-on-a-budget!

Images: Amazon, Wikimedia, FOIA/, SheIn, Sincerely Sweet Boutique, Party City, PicvPic, Payless, CiChic, CafePress,, ThinkGeek