Make Your Own Donald And Melania Costume

Superman and Wonder Woman. Jay Z and Beyoncé. Salt and pepper. These are all fine ideas for couple's costumes. But you don't want just fine, do you? If you and your significant other are still trying to think of a couple's costume for Halloween, then look no further. This year, dress up like the ultimate couple — a potential next president and first lady (shudder) — with these Donald and Melania Trump Halloween costume ideas. Sure, we expect to see hordes of Donalds on the streets this Halloween, but is he really complete without the lovely Melania by his side? And while their house might be literally made of gold, you don't have to spend a fortune on your costume with these DIY ideas.

Of course, if you have extra dough to spend on perfecting your Halloween costume (perhaps you're entering a major contest, or you're Heidi Klum and Seal circa 2010), then you can hit up Barney's for a sharp men's suit and a sparkly embellished gown that Melania herself would wear to a red carpet event. But if you're like most of us and your budget is not the size of Trump's ego, then you'll want to scour secondhand stores, discount stores, and eBay for your Trump duds. Or as a compromise — because Melania would never be caught dead in secondhand clothing — you can browse Rent the Runway for that perfect "being the wife of a real estate tycoon is tough" dress.

Lucky for you, I've already done the leg work. Here are seven Donald and Melania Trump costume ideas that you can make at home.

Note: For all of these costumes, you can use the same suit, white button-down shirt, and wig for Donald; just switch out the tie.

"Let's Upgrade Our Puny G6" Donald And Melania

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Step 1: Get Donald's suit, which consists of a blazer and trousers, for less than $50, then add a white button-down shirt ($14.99-$29.99).

And of course, don't forget the crucial wig ($23.99).

Step 2: Here, Donald is wearing a red tie ($1.99), so get something similar.

Step 3: For Melania, get Jackie-O-style sunglasses ($1.73), a black fitted blazer ($34.99), and black skinny pants ($21.99). Finish with some sleek black heels ($32.99).

Matchy-Matchy Donald And Melania

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Step 1: Using the same suit as above, switch out Donald's tie for a light pink one ($5.95).

Step 2: For Melania, try this peachy dress with short sleeves ($27.99) for under $30.

Netflix And Chill In Our All-Gold Home Donald And Melania

Step 1: For Donald, you can wear the same outfit from the first look.

Step 2: For Melania, splurge for this gorgeous royal blue McQ Alexander McQueen jumpsuit ($655), or opt for this more affordable version ($29.99).

Step 3: Borrow a dapper-looking child for the night.

"We Make Other People Look So Common" Donald And Melania

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Step 1: This time, switch our your tie for a classic black bow tie ($2.95).

Step 2: For Melania, splurge for this classic strapless black gown ($223.99) that you can wear again for your next formal event, and style your hair in a beehive updo.

Step 3: Borrow frightened-looking grownup for the night.

Casual Family Sunday Donald And Melania

Step 1: Well, aren't you feeling springy today, Donald? Get this pale yellow tie ($22) to channel the baby chick in Trump.

Step 2: It might be vintage, but this white lace dress ($88) is just as chic as the designer one Melania's wearing. Accessorize with oversized shades ($5.99).

Step 3: If an actual human child is not available, opt for this doll ($28.49).

Just-Married Donald And Melania

Step 1: This time, Donald is wearing a white bow tie ($4.95), which you can use again next year for your Korean pop singer costume.

Step 2: For Melania, go all-out and rent this stunning Marchesa Notte gown ($200) from Rent the Runway.

Bonus points if you can pose for a picture with another couple dressed as Bill and Hillary.

SNL Donald And Melania

Taran Killam and Cecily Strong are the perfect inspiration for your Donald and Melania costumes.

Step 1: Use the same outfit from the first look for Donald.

Step 2: Get this chic white dress ($25.81) that won't break your bank.

Step 3: Take a cue from Killam and Strong and go full Trump by adopting the same facial expressions, cadences, and accents. Hey, the Trumps would expect nothing less.

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