Bernie Sanders Shows Off His Dance Moves

Bernie Sanders dances exactly how you'd picture him dancing. It's like watching your grandpa at a wedding get excitedly jolted out of his seat by a disco classic. In Sanders' case, it was "Disco Inferno" by The Trammps — yes, the one that goes, "Burn, baby, burn" — and the venue was The Ellen DeGeneres Show. As he entered the studio stage for Thursday's episode, Sanders danced his way to Ellen DeGeneres — and into America's hearts. As if he wasn't endearing enough already. But as other candidates have proven in the past, you don't reach peak lovability until you've shown off your dance moves.

DeGeneres's entire interview with the Democratic candidate was delightful, and gave America a rare glimpse into his fun and frivolous side. Among other fun questions, DeGeneres asked Sanders which Republican candidate he would choose to be stuck on a deserted island with (Marco Rubio, because "he's used to the sun"), what his favorite karaoke song is ("John Travolta walking down the street" — what he adorably meant was "Stayin' Alive"), and whether he had ever been in handcuffs (his answer: "Yes ... I don't know exactly what you mean by that").

But none of that warmed the audience the way his entrance dance did, so let's see it in all its glory, from different angles.

Backstage, preparing to go on stage:

The entrance:

The entrance from another view:

He even danced between commercials:

However, Sanders is far from the first presidential candidate to show off his dance skills. In fact, several other 2016 candidates have proven that they, too, can dance — including one epic dance-off from a candidate you'd probably least expect to have the moves.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is basically a dancing machine. She can be seen doing the Nae Nae above.

Here she's just rocking out to Pink with Amy Schumer and Pink herself.

There she goes again.

And again. She can really move.

Donald Trump

Skip to 4:20 to watch Donald Trump sing and dance to the Green Acres theme song in overalls next to a very uncomfortable-looking Megan Mullally. (The clip at the beginning of Trump getting slammed at a WWE match is pretty fun to watch, too.)

And recently, he pulled out some moves during the GOP debate.

Chris Christie

I bet you never in a million years expected Chris Christie to have moves like this. After watching him do a series of "dad dances" on The Tonight Show alongside Jimmy Fallon, you might actually want to vote for him — it's that cute.

Rick Santorum

What's not so cute? Rick Santorum's feeble attempt at dancing to Pharrell's "Happy." It will make you sad.

Marco Rubio

At first glance, you'd think Marco Rubio had a male stripper past, but this was just a picture of him and some fellow high school classmates dancing in a "King Cobra" contest.

Carly Fiorina

If anyone can get a presidential candidate to step out of their comfort zone, it's Jimmy Fallon, it appears. Last month, he got Fiorina to sing a song about her dog, and while it might not be full-on dance moves, it showed that she's got a little rhythm in her.

Mike Huckabee

Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

And on the other end of the spectrum is Mike Huckabee, who actually wrote the following words in his college newspaper column "RAPture Express":

I strongly recommend that Christian teens stay away from dancing, mainly because some people would just not be able to respect a person who attended dances.

Do not invite Huckabee to your party.Image: Giphy