15 Reasons Pugs Are The Best

Pugs are the squishy, chubby, silly pups of our dreams. And hey, guess what? If you’re a pug fan, then congratulations are in order: Today is your day to celebrate! That’s right — today, Oct. 15, National Pug Day. If, however, you are not a pug fan, I can only assume that you have never rubbed a cute little pug tummy. Please return to this article once you have completed this highly important task.

Now, I’m not usually a big fan of these “made-up” holidays. I haven’t exactly seen anyone celebrating National Corn Day with fervor or anything. But when I heard it was National Pug Day, all I could think was “Finally! A holiday for something worth celebrating!”

According to the official Pug Day website, the holiday was created by animal advocate Colleen Paige in 2012 in order to “celebrate this wonderful, loving and loyal breed and to encourage pug lovers all over the world to adopt their next pug from the shelter or a Pug Rescue rather than buying from a pet store.” The website features a link to PetFinder — a great resource for finding adoptable dogs in your area.

On this very special “Pugtober” day, we recognize everything incredible about Pugs. Here are 15 of the very best things about the very best breed.

1. Their Tails Are Unrivaled In Awesomeness

Pug tails are like tiny little furry piglet tails. A wagging pug tail should be considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

2. They Are Fabulous Swimmers

Look at those li'l leggies go!

3. They Are Musical

Billy Joel who? Whatever this pug is playing, I want to download it.

4. They Are Excellent Listeners

Whether you're happy, sad, or angry, a Pug will always lend an ear (and/or a paw).

5. They Can Be Bashful ...

If you have a sensitive side, a pug is the perfect companion.

6. ... But They Can Also Be Bold

Despite their goofy ways, pugs also have a courageous streak.

7. They Are The Jiggliest Of All Dogs

If pugs were a type of Pokemon, they'd be Jigglypuff.

8. They Are Stylish

Here we have Rex, Danielle, Scooby, and Marcy wearing Dior S/S 2016. Strike a pose.

9. Their Smiles Are Irresistible

There are people in this world who think dogs aren't capable of smiling. To them, I present Exhibit A: Pugs.

10. They Practically Take Care Of Themselves

OK, so maybe your Pug companion won't be buying his own Purina anytime soon, but wheeling around a tiny shopping cart is almost as good.

11. They Love To Be Pampered

Shameless, yet flawless.

12. They Are Unconventional

Pugs aren't what a lot of people would consider "standard" dogs, but it's their uniqueness that makes them all the more spectacular.

13. They Have Energy To Spare

You'd be surprised how long those tiny legs can go.

14. Even In Animated Form, They're Still Perfect

Percy was definitely the defining character in Pocahontas.

15. There's Nothing Better Than Snuggling With A Pug

At the end of the day, a pug is your friend and companion. They will always be there for you to snuggle up after a hard day and give you plenty of kisses.

Images: Giphy (15)