5 Sex Toys That Give Pleasure To Every Body

I'm a big fan of inclusive sex toys. The more options that are available, the more likely it is that we're hitting everyone's needs. More and more, I've been seeing crowdfunding as a way to get new sex toys off the ground. And I'm wild about one recent Indiegogo campaign in particular: The people at Tantus have designed a new toy that not just breaks down traditional gender lines, but also traditional ideas of sexual needs. Their sex toy, the Rumble, is actually suitable for everybody, and the different sexual needs of different users. There's a growing awareness about sexuality and disability, including a great campaign by UK disability charity Scope called End The Awkward. But Tantus is taking it one step further than awareness — they're looking to provide for all people's sexual needs.

As they say on their crowdfunding page: "Every able bodied person at some point in their lives – if they live long enough – is going to become less able bodied. But being less able bodied does not diminish your sexual needs, wants, or desires ... As an industry, sex toy manufacturers have dictated whose body parts and which body zones deserve to be vibrated. We need to stop restricting our reach to specific sexes, genders, and abilities, and start acknowledging the diversity of bodies and sexual desires."

I think it's absolutely brilliant. The detachable rubber head offers multiple options for different shapes and types of vibration, and they hope to release even more variations in the future. Here are some other sex toys for every body, because we all deserve to get off.

1. Sportsheets

Sportsheets makes custom-designed sex toys and apparatuses for veterans. Founder Tom Stewart told Vice, "Dealing with an injured spouse is stressful enough. When it comes to the effect it has on their sex lives it can be devastating for couples. To get a small piece of their former sex life back is a huge gain for these couples that had thought that they would never be able to have intercourse – or be in an intimate position like the missionary position – again."

Penetration Station, $43.33,

2. Spokz Sex Furniture And Cushions

This company has a wide variety of sex toys, but its chairs and cushions provide support allowing couples to get into and maintain positions that would not otherwise be available to them.

3. Butterfly Hands-Free Vibrators

There are a lot of different versions of these, but butterfly vibrators and vibrating panties are a hands-free option for women who cannot use traditional vibrators. You can find the perfect panty/vibrator combination to suit you, then just enjoy the strength of vibration you like.

Bound By Diamonds Vibrating Panties, $45.22,

4. A10 Cyclone

Similarly, for men, options like the A10 Cyclone provide a hands-free masturbation experience. With different rotation and speed options (referred to by names like "Mountain" and "Viking," how can you go wrong?

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