These Ben Carson Memes Show He's Not A Shoo-In

Ben Carson has been the talk of the Internet for all kinds of reasons since he launched his presidential campaign back in May. He's had some unfortunate blunders in the things he's said, but he's also channeled his Christian values to surge ahead of all the other candidates, including former frontrunner Donald Trump one day before the debate. In other words, Carson has been on both ends of the spectrum; he has seen the ups and the downs of a political campaign. During the third GOP debate on Wednesday, his ups and downs were chronicled by the Internet once again, only this time, they produced some hilarious Carson-themed debate memes.

In a way, the prevalence of memes should be considered a good thing, right? After all, it shows that people are paying attention to Carson. Let's face it: There's probably no candidate more memorialized in memes than Trump and he led the polls for months — until Carson dethroned him earlier this week. Overall, Carson's debate memes tend to focus on some questionable things he said and the overall lack of energy he displayed on the stage, which could be telling about the direction of support he'll see in the polls. There's still a long way to go until the primaries kick off (let alone until they conclude), but for now, we can focus on the laughs that Carson brings to the election.

Carson isn't the first candidate to be called out for lacking energy at a debate. Trump made that jab at Jeb Bush last time around. But Carson's lack of energy during Wednesday night's debate could negatively affect his battle for the candidacy against Trump.