Can You Buy Jeb's Boots?

by Rachel Krantz

As a vegan and a liberal, there's pretty much no fashion item I'd rather rock less than GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush's custom leather "Jeb" cowboy boots. Perhaps you don't feel the same way. But either way, inquiring shoppers want to know: Can you actually buy Jeb's cowboy boots, which he showed off on Twitter Wednesday night ahead of the third GOP debate?

A cursory Google shopping and news search seems to reveal that, as of yet, the answer is no. That said, my extensive online shopping skills did lead me to a little site called, where you can indeed buy all kinds of Jeb Bush swag. (And here I thought that I'd wasted all those hours online shopping instead of volunteering at puppy shelters. You're welcome.)

Luckily for the Jeb Bush enthusiast / person who wants a really weird last-minute Halloween costume, there are plenty of other Jeb-swag options. You can find some surprisingly chic hoodies, T-shirts, tumblers, beer koozies, and hunting hats. Then there's some truly bizarre stuff, like a "Guaca Bowl" for making guacamole (for the low, low price of $75 dollars), a domestic-violence-awareness-themed Jeb tote, and my favorite, the vintage Jeb tank. Hubba hubba.

There's also a picture of the boots on the site's homepage, though I can't seem to find them for sale. I promise you that I will update this post as soon as they start making the Jeb Boots and selling them on Etsy.

Image: JebBush2016