This Company Will Pay For Your Maternity Wardrobe

With each new pregnancy comes a wide variety of fears, worries, and concerns. And considering the number of health issues, financial stressors, and mountains of stuff to do before that kid arrives, it's no wonder why. But one employer is hoping to alleviate at least some of that stress by offering the "Haute Mama" bonus, an employee perk that sounds pretty cool. According to Fortune, Utah-based data company, Domo, gives pregnant employees $2,000 to spend on clothes in the form of gift certificates, good for stores like Nordstrom, A Pea in the Pod, and ASOS. (Sa-weet!)

The idea itself is pretty simple: Not only does it help relieve some of the financial hardship that comes with starting (or expanding) your family, but it also gives pregnant employees the chance to feel good about themselves during whats typically a highly emotional time. Plus, it allows moms-to-be the opportunity to splurge on items they might not otherwise buy. And don't worry if these stores don't fit your new mom style: the company can — and will — make arrangements to provide different gift certificates. How awesome is that?

Even crazier: This isn't a one-time deal. So if you work for Domo and become pregnant again, you get another $2,000 shopping spree the next time around, too. Add the company's $1,000 baby bonus to the mix, and paid maternity and paternity leave and, well, Domo has one hell of a competitive compensation package.

But not everyone thinks Domo's policy is for the best. When Today Parents shared the story on Facebook, one fan noted that while she likes the idea, she only likes it if it's equal opportunity. Said the user:

They're [Domo] also paying for infertility treatments for their employees who need help GETTING pregnant. Or adoption expenses. Imagine how hurtful it is for someone who is trying to get pregnant and can't to watch their pregnant coworkers go on their little shopping sprees.

And she wasn't alone, either. This sentiment was shared by others on Facebook. Said another user: "I'm pretty sure even my friends who are pregnant would rather see that money go to infertility treatments for women like me."

Other commenters just wanted to know more. They went on to question the company's general maternity and attendance policies, as well as what comes next:

Do they take care of the mothers after they have the kids when mom needs to change her hours and work less hours and request days off a lot because she has kids.

A rep for Domo could not be reached by Bustle for comment. However, it seems some of these "concerns" may be unfounded. A quick look at the Culture and Benefits section of their website shows Domo offers a solid health care plan, and "adoption benefits," too. They offer wellness programs and gym memberships; heck, they even offer catered meals to employees... each and every day!

BRB, gotta go update my resume...

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