What Your Fave 1D Song Says About Your Style

by Katie Patton

The most wonderful time of the year just officially got more wonderful with the release of One Direction’s fifth studio album Made In The A.M. , which, believe it or not, may even carry the power to advise the perfect holiday ensembles. Sure, copious amounts of holiday parties are on the horizon and we are beginning to dip our toes into the all-consuming seasonal cheer, but that sound you hear isn’t angels on high. It’s the sweet harmony of Directioners rejoicing over the 17 new tracks they're playing on repeat.

If you have been listening to One Direction’s latest labor of love every waking minute since it’s Nov. 13 debut, it’s likely that you have a few favorite tracks by now. The question is, what do these favorites say about you? And could they possibly help you with the ever-dreaded task of putting together holiday party outfits? The answer is yes, because the power of 1D is endless.

Whether you are partial to the newly minted party anthems, drowning in your own tears over the epic love ballads, or rocking out to the songs that represent an evolved sound, your favorite track easily says a lot about your holiday style. So, in preparation for the festivities upon us, pick your poison and prepare to uncover your perfect Made In The A.M. holiday party outfit.

1. "Perfect," "Temporary," Or "Never Enough"

Pleated Top, $39.90,; Mid-Length Box Pleat Silk Satin Skirt, $99.90,

You are the effortless party girl; the social butterfly who sees every holiday soiree as an opportunity to meet someone interesting and get into a little festive trouble. Basically, you are the Harry Styles of your group.

As such, your ensemble is always both party and after-party perfect, with expertly paired bold pieces like cold weather crop tops and leather pants with shimmery midis and holographic tunics. You are definitely not into color-coordinating with the holiday, but your metallic game is strong, making you boldly festive.

To top if off, your shoe of choice — a black, lace-up, cut-out stiletto — is fierce and suited for pulling an all-nighter and, as the boys say, "Getting into something you'll never forget."

Gold Pleated Midi Skirt, $70,

ASOS Holographic Sequin Tunic, $99,

Lysse Plus Faux Leather Leggings, $118,

ALDO Eraeded Black Suede Cut Out Shoe Boots, $140,

2. "Drag Me Down"

Beaded Sweater, $20,

"Drag Me Down" is the song that pays homage to 1D's teen pop roots, yet shows that they have grown into something a little edgier. That's why it's your jam.

This combination of roots and wings also sums up your holiday style. You are a traditionalist and believe that every holiday ensemble should include at least one piece of subtly themed or color-coordinated clothing, like a bejeweled green sweater.

However, you have grown out of pairing said sweater with red pants and, instead, opt for a leather mini, black tights, and seasonal sparkle in the form of glitter boots that would make both Harry Styles and Mick Jagger swoon.

Leather Asymmetrical Mini Skirt, $250,

Junarose Plus Size Faux Leather Wrap Skirt, $79,

Everyday Opaque Tights, $15,

Inferno Heeled Boot, $178,

3. "Hey Angel" Or "What A Feeling"

Zesty Festivities Dress in Onyx, $65,

You are a little psychedelic and don't always play by the rules, which is why you were drawn to the two songs on the album that most deviate from One Direction's traditional pop roots. You are super into the dream-like, almost trippy quality of "Hey Angel" and the disco, Bee Gees feels you get from "What A Feeling," which is why that velvet dress you have been eyeing should be your holiday go-to. A metallic leather tassel necklace and deep red patent flats provide some seasonal flair, while your shimmering tights are oh-so "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds."

Talula Lambeth Dress, $95,

Mini Leather Tassel Strand, $38,

Sparkle Pantyhose, $20,

Warehouse T Bar Flat Shoes, $51,

4. "If I Could Fly," "Long Way Down," "Love You Goodbye," Or "Infinity"

The Dreamer Flannel Pajama, $55,

Holiday party? Ha! You are laughing in the face of all holiday party invitations. You would throw them right in the trash, but as it turns out, they do make good coasters for the million mugs of tea you’ll be consuming while curled up in your PJs, sapping it up, watching the Hallmark Channel and listening to some of the best love ballads that One Direction has produced.

The Cozy Slipper, $30,

PJ Salvage Print Flannel Pajamas, $72,

5. "History" Or "Walking In The Wind"

Flea Market Flare in Kenner Wash, $135,

You are eternally laid back with a "I just threw this outfit together in five minutes yet look amazing and not stressed about the holiday whatsoever" style that the rest of the party is simultaneously obsessed with and drawn to. The camaraderie and spirit of the holidays are what you most look forward to, which is why you bonded with "History" and "Walking In The Wind."

Your favorite jams drop the kind of beat that makes everyone want to gather around the fire with their holiday beverage and sing it out. In your on-trend yet vintage-inspired flared jeans, fluttery top, and glitzy, flowing jacket, you're the epitome of free spirited festivity.

Oh My Love Bye Bye Love Sequin Kimono, $128,

Flounce Top, $40,

KUT from the Kloth Chrissy Stretch Flare Leg Jeans, $66,

BB Dakota Ulma Sequin Drape Front Blazer, $142,

H&M+ Flared Top, $30,

6. "End Of The Day" Or "I Want To Write You A Song"

Customize Your Own, $58,

You are the big cheese! The lyrics in these two songs SPEAK. TO. YOU and you're literally waiting for someone to whisper that they love you on a windy rooftop. You don't even care about frostbite. You also love everything about the holidays and everything from your decor to your party outfits carries a heavy theme.

Essentially, Taylor Swift is your kindred spirit and the holiday season is your time to shine. Obviously, all parties are a reason to wear adorable, pun-embellished sweatshirts — not just with denim, but with appropriately colored tulle skirts. Why? Because you are absolutely the cutest.

Tulle of the Trade Skirt in Blanc, $50,

Needle & Thread Tulle Ballet Midi Skirt, $99,

7. "A.M."

Rachel Roy Sequin Track Pants, $149,

"A.M." is the embodiment of that party you go to that lasts until 3 a.m. because, by some magical act of Christmas spirit and fairy dust, all of your best friends from near and far ended up in the same room and you never, ever want the night to end.

Your outfit — a sequin or leather embellished track pant with a simple tissue turtleneck and blanket scarf — is both comfortable and fabulous, just like the entirety of the night. You are so ready to swim around in your glass, not sleep, dream out loud, not behave, and have forever be right now.

Tissue Turtleneck T-Shirt, $35,

Plus Size Faux Leather-Trimmed Joggers, $23,

H&M+ Turtleneck, $15,

Wilifred Colour Block Blanket, $85,

8. "Wolves" Or "Olivia"

Missguided Plus Sequin and Velvet Mix Dress, $81,

You probably don't realize it, but you are little miss sunshine; you are the life of the party. You jump up for an impromptu dance session whenever your favorite new jam comes on, grabbing the hands of your best friends on your way.

In your eyes, the holidays are for festive, fancy party frocks. Not because you feel the need to impress others, but because getting dolled up with your squad is fun! Whether sequins or lace, your dress is to die for and you always bring in a little holiday color with the most enviable shoes and statement rings.

Also, you're likely to be fashionably late wherever you go this holiday season, because "Wolves" and "Olivia" spurred pre-party dancing and singing into hairbrushes with your girl group.

Whistles Shirt Dress in Lace, $350,

Miss KG Gala Bow Front Two Part Heeled Shoes, $153,

Dazzling Digit Ring, $13,

Bendel Rox Candy Cocktail Ring, $128,

Thanks to One Direction, the holidays came early this year, my friends. Go ahead: Bask in the glory of Made In The A.M. while prepping for all the holiday parties to come. So many songs, so many outfits, so little time.

Images: Courtesy Brands