23 Pieces You Need For On Point Holiday Hair Flair

‘Tis the season to break out our most beloved baubles, favorite sequin ensembles, fanciest party dresses, and holiday hair accessories. After all, it is an unwritten sartorial rule that there is no such thing as too much bling this time of year. As the primping and planning of all the sparkle and shine begins, we mustn’t forget to embellish those lovely locks with a little holiday hair flair. While our focus undoubtedly falls to finding the most fabulous of frocks, due diligence must be paid to the icing on the perfectly pulled together cake: An on point mane with pretty little details.

Whether you are a lady with long, flowing locks that are religiously styled down, a boss when it comes to the messy bun, or you prefer a perfectly styled ponytail, a hair accessory to suit your flair fancy is waiting to adorn your mane. From blinged out headbands and dazzling bobby pins to rhinestone encrusted hair combs and bauble embellished ponytail holders, dressed up tresses are trending for the season. Move over, scene-stealing ensembles: This year, the spotlight belongs to an expertly styled hair piece.

The time has come to prep for the parties and with these 23 pretty pieces, your hair flair will officially be sorted.

1. Holiday Worthy Headbands And Wraps

Johnny Loves Rosie Fluffy Ella Headband, $43,

The pom pom is totally the new bow. With this fluffy headband, you're basically like the 2015 version of Blair Waldorf.

Elastic Rubber Headband, $19.90,

Nothing says holiday hair flair like all-around emerald bling, am I right?

Vanderbilt Headband, $68,

'Tis totally the season for tiara-esque tress accessories. Get your princess on.

Pearl Leaf Headband, $28,

Pretty little pearls on a gilded leaf equal a super chic way to achieve holiday shine and bling.

ASOS Occasion Side Leaf Back Headband, $22,

Go a little Grecian with a non-traditional back headband that touts perfectly placed metallic leaves for surprising shimmer.

Tress Dressed Headband, $14.99,

When it comes to feathers, the bigger, the better. Especially when said oversized feather is fully embellished with tiny beads that catch the light — and everyone else's eye.

Rebel Pearl Lace Headband, $20,

Lace and pearls are a heavenly holiday combo for any rebel in an often rhinestone-filled world.

Berry Emerald City Twisted Velvet Head Wrap, $36,

With a green velvet head wrap, your locks will be accented by both the fabric and color of the season.

Winternight Turban Band, $38,

So, green isn't your color? Shine bright like a winter night's sky by going for a wrap headband that is neutral in color, yet embellished with scattered stones.

ASOS Forest Floral Hair Garland, $27,

For the boldest of holiday hair flair, take your style cues from the season's decor. Garland isn't just for the banister anymore.

2. On Point Hairs Pins And Pieces

Vanderbilt Comb, $58,

Whether stuck in a messy bun or used to sweep those locks up at the side, the hair comb is making a comeback with big time bling.

Transparant Crystal Comb, $15.90,

Up your mane game and bring back old holiday glamour by embellishing your locks with a crystal comb that resembles the icicles that will soon be forming outside.

Stella Hair Set, $48,

A mismatched trio of pins will allow you to personalize your hair bling for a unique look that is all your own.

Sia Vintage Bobby Pins, $10,

Crystal bobby pins may be small, but they pack a big bling punch, ideal for almost any hairstyle.

Sparkle Sweetly Hair Pin Set, $12.99,

A touch of red rhinestone brings understated holiday glam to any mane.

Vanderbilt 8-Pack Bobby Pin Set, $58,

With a multi-pack of blinged out bobby pins in your arsenal, you can rotate between a sophisticated look that uses a single pin and a fully frosted one that stacks all eight hair baubles.

3. Pretty Ponytails

Jennifer Ouelette Faux Fur Pompom Ponytail Holder, $18,

Love the pom pom but prefer a ponytail holder to a headband? Holiday hair flair wishes really do come true. And in a color themed to the season, no less.

Broadway Stretch Pony, $48,

Whoever said a ponytail wasn't a party-appropriate look never owned a hair tie embellished with gold plated stones.

Shimmer Bead Hair Elastic, $6,

A beaded elastic allows you to be all business in the front and baby baubles in the back for effortless day-to-night hair flair.

Tasha Leather Bow Ponytail Holder, $12,

There will always be a place for a good bow in the hearts and hair of any accessory lover. A red leather mini pony bow is fresh and fancy for the season.

Simla Pony Holders, $18,

Golden embroideries and big fanned out sparkle are enough to make us want to pull our hair up for every party this season.

Socialite Pony Bangle, $38,

Because your pretty little pony deserves a bangle as much as your wrist does.

Cara Rock Candy Ponytail Holder, $18,

Sometimes, the best candy is the kind that sweetens up your tresses. Is there anything better than one big rhinestone?

May your days be merry and bright and your hair flair game be strong this holiday season.

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Images: ASOS; Courtesy Brands