So You Wanna Dress Like A Fat Jessica Jones?

Netflix has absolutely been killing it with addictive shows this year; and its latest has brought us the superhero this world has needed for a long time. Plus an unlikely source of fashion inspo. Quite a number of people on my social media timelines want to dress like Jessica Jones, and who can blame them? It's hard not to fall totally in love with the show that passes the Bechdel test within its first 10 minutes. Lucky for us fatshionistas, it's also a look that's easy to pull off in plus.

I don't often think of "style icon" and "superhero" in the same sentence, but Jones' wardrobe is a spandex-free game-changer. Our anti-heroine isn't just a complicated, realistic character; she's also a more realistic superhero and action star. There's no running in heels, scaling buildings, or beating on baddies while in a fine Italian wool suit. Jessica Jones does everything reluctantly, and that includes getting dressed. She keeps things simple in clothes that she can move in (obviously), that facilitate her looking like a badass (and a rather intimidating one), and that follow a simple monochromatic palette, making it easy for her to throw outfits together while getting over a hangover.

OK, so her all-black-and-gray-everything style is likely also a character device and symbolic of her depression and trauma. But I like to call it armor dressing: Clothes that make you feel good and like you won't take any sh*t, creating a bit of a barrier metaphorically and literally — like leather jackets and big chunky scarves. Personally, all-black is my power palette and it seems like it's Jessica Jones' too.

So here's how to nail Jessica Jones' solid, badass style in lots of dark hues, killer denim, and a really great moto jacket.

1. The Jacket

Textured Vegan Leather Moto, $179,; Drifter Faux Leather Jacket, $48.90,; Moto Jacket With Hardware, $109.95,

You can't dress like Jessica Jones without the quintessential leather jacket. Equal parts chic and misunderstood, this will be the center point of your ensemble.

2. The Tops

Ralph Lauren Plaid Twill Workshirt, $56.24,; Forever 21 Heathered Tank, $7.90,; H&M Boatneck Sweater, $24.99,

Jessica is all about basics. Pair your leather jacket with a simple top in a monochromatic neutral or a stylish-in-a-rough-and-tumble-hipster-like plaid.

3. The Denim

ModCloth Start Your Saturday Jeans, $59.99,; L&L Curvy Skinny Sculpting Jean, $65,; ASOS Curve Ridley Skinny Jean, $50.16,; Missguided High Waist Ripped Knee Skinny Jean, $42.50,

A city girl through and through, Jessica combines her leather with a classic pair of jeans. Low or regular rise required.

4. The Accessories

Nicora Shoes Vegan Leather Sinclair Boots, $249,; Gray Infinity Scarf, $25,; Vince Camuto Fingerless Arm Warmers, $32,; Dirty Laundry Kranberri Lace-up Boot, $59.99,

To truly nail Jones' style, accessorize with some combat boots, fingerless gloves, and a minimalist lover's ideal scarf.

No matter what your fashion preferences, a little or a lot of Jessica Jones' style staples will be right at home in your wardrobe. So treat every day as cosplay or add a little bit of JJ flare into your life for true superhero style.

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Images: Netflix (4); Courtesy Brands