This Is What Your City Drinks The Most

by Kate Fustich

Do you like a full pour of wine, or is a vodka martini more your thing? Dating site Match has assembled oodles of statistics about what certain cities like to drink, and which cities drink more than others. Match collected the data from the profiles of various singles who listed what they like to drink the most on a regular basis. The results of the data collection are simultaneously hilarious and thought-provoking.

If there's one thing to be learned here, it's that the South really knows how to have a good time. The top five "booziest" cities (aka the top spots for getting crunk) include Austin, Texas; Santa Rosa, California; New Orleans, Louisiana; Portland, Oregon; and Charleston, South Carolina. The only real outlier here is Portland, and we can bet they're just chugging a lot of home-brewed IPA.

Interestingly, the booziest cities actually vary slightly when you break it down to men vs. women. For example, Austin is the top drinking hotspot for men, while the ladies are more likely to hit the bars in New Orleans. On the whole, though, the highest-ranking cities are the same few — and most of them are Southern. I guess that study about women drinking as much as men these days proves true yet again.

The really fascinating bit, though, concerns the specific preferred drink of each town. I feel like that says a lot about a place — and the results certainly support this theory.

Find out the top drink for 10 of America's largest cities below.

1. Boston, Massachusetts: Miller Lite

Wow — not Sam Adams? Really? The founding fathers would be disappointed, I dare say.

2. Charlotte, North Carolina: Gin

Gin is definitely the perfect drink for sitting on your porch and channeling your inner Frank Underwood.

3. Chicago, Illinois: Miller Lite

Another Miller town, eh? The winters are so long and bleak in Chicago, you definitely need something affordable and easily accessible to get you through five feet of fresh snow every day.

4. Cleveland, Ohio: Whiskey

There's not a whole lot happening in Cleveland, and yet people have retained a taste for the finer things. Very classy of you, Cleveland.

5. Dallas, Texas: Margarita

This might just be the cutest city/drink combo on this list. I think of margaritas as a fun summertime drink or a compliment to a "treat yo'self" day. I guess the people of Dallas are just treating themselves 24/7, year round.

6. Los Angeles, California: Corona

Corona is the perfect beachy beverage, so it makes sense it's a favorite of the LA crowd. Plus, if the weather means you can grow lime trees in your back yard, you'd definitely better make the most of it.

7. Miami, Florida: Martini

Oh Miami, you classy dame, you. This one just seems all-too self-explanatory.

8. New York, New York: Pinot Grigio

For the sake of my Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt love, I am kind of disappointed this isn't Pinot Noir. But alas, a Grigio will have to do.

9. San Francisco, California: Champagne

Really? Who just drinks champagne that casually? Then again, there are probably a lot of bottles a-popping in Silicon Valley every time some startup gets funded.

10. Seattle, Washington: Corona

OK, so you definitely can't grow lime trees in a Seattle back yard, but you can still enjoy a fizzy Corona in all your hipster glory.

Images: Pexels; Giphy (10)