Nail Polish Inspired By Your Fave Holiday Drink

by Katie Patton

Parties and brunches are upon us, gift shopping has commenced, and the peppermint lattes are being sipped: The season of giving is officially in full swing, so having an on point holiday nail polish in your arsenal is a near necessity. If you have little time for over-the-top designs and have an indecisive nature, there is a highly seasonally scientific way to choose your next lacquer. Just turn to your favorite seasonal drink. There is no need for uncertainty when it comes to holiday beverages of choice, so it’s time to let you’re favorite cup of cheer spill over onto your nails.

Ask someone what their favorite seasonal beverage is and they will likely answer with the passion of a political candidate. With such a short window of enjoyment, the need to indulge is real. At the very least, holiday drinks can help us pick out the perfect polish for a festive mani and, really, isn’t that all we can ask for on certain days?

So, if you have a favorite holiday drink, there will be no more mulling over your mani this season. Whether you’ve developed a peppermint mocha a day habit or prefer to sip spiced wine, let your beverage be your guide. Here are seven nail polishes inspired by your fave festive beverage.

1. Eggnog

Formula X Larger Than Life, $10.50,

Eggnog is a holiday classic with a certain upbeat sophistication. It's a beverage that is certain to be a good time whether it's standing on its own or is spiked with a little bourbon. Layer on a nude nail polish with a pearlized finish for a mani that is both classic and ready to be the life of any party.

2. Peppermint Mocha

Knees Up Nail Laquer, $15,

Hello, Mrs. Claus. You are basically the walking definition of holiday cheer and you like your seasonal beverage to be just as spirited. What could be better than a minty concoction topped with whipped cream, some type of peppermint stick garnish, and a dash of holiday magic? Naturally, nothing but the perfect, show-stopping, shimmery red will do for your nails this time of year. This one's an homage to the stripes on that little peppermint candy you are so fond of.

3. Gingerbread Latte

Leggy Legend, $8.50,

As a gingerbread lover, you are probably a whole-hearted holiday fan, but you likely enjoy putting your own unique spin on the spirit. Even with endless crazy creations, your loyalty lies with the candy-buttoned man, who is equal parts holiday cheer and seasonal spice. As such, your perfect polish is a metallic bronze that is more spicy than sweet.

4. Hot Chocolate

British Racing Green, $15,

Hot cocoa and the holidays are synonymous, but with all the newly minted Christmas concoctions these days, the traditional cold weather beverage might also fly under the radar. It's perfect, really, considering you love the holidays, but you keep all that cheer close to your heart. Like your cocoa, a deep shade of green is one part holiday staple, one part subtly-themed cheer.

5. Spiced Wine

Deborah Lipmann Bitches Brew, $18,

Baby, it's cold outside, which means it's time to break out the mulled wine. A red vino loyalist, you'll trade in those pinots and cabs for this slightly sweeter holiday alternative that is also spicy enough to warm you from the inside out. Your holiday beverage of choice will put the color back in your cheeks while a deep oxblood nail lacquer with a hint of shimmer with leave you with the perfect matching mani.

6. Champagne

Encrusted Treasures Hors D'Oeuvres, $8.50,

It's the holiday season: Time to drink champagne and dance on the table. In your honest opinion, all celebrations are better with bubbly and you are set to pop, fizz, and clink your way through the holiday season. But you also crave a party on your nails. With a luxe effect polish colored in glitter and glitz, your digits will be glam as you grip your glass.

7. Cranberry Cocktail

028 Orchard, $18,

Whether you're a mixed drink aficionado or one who dabbles during the holiday, a concoction made with cranberry is festive and hard to turn down. Sure, berries are used in various cocktails throughout the year, but cranberries are pretty exclusive to the holiday months, just like your deep berry polish. You've been known to rock hues in the red and pink family, but this combo color is just right for December.

Drink up and polish away! The season is short, so we mustn't waste time choosing a lacquer. As we know, there are beverages to be had.

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