4 Holiday Outfits Inspired By Christmas Characters

by Katie Patton

With December almost halfway gone, you may already be running out of ideas for holiday outfits. The pressure of seasonal dressing is real, so it’s quite possible that we could all use a little out of the box thinking and unconventional inspiration. With so many beloved Christmas icons running around — from Mrs. Claus herself to those cute little elf helpers — why not put together a Christmas character inspired party outfit? After all, you don’t become a holiday legend without a sense of style of your own.

It is highly likely that we have been overlooking the strong style game of some of our most adored Christmas characters for years. Case in point: Style watchers lose their collective mind every time Gigi Hadid steps out in another monochrome ensemble, yet Frosty The Snowman has been rocking the all-white look on the small screen since 1969. And while trendsetters are currently coveting all things velvet, it was a staple in the wardrobe of Santa’s leading lady long before we were drooling over it on the must-have list. Since childhood, many of us have loved them for the joy they put in our hearts, but now, we can truly see these legends for the secret style stars they have always been.

Personally, I am partial to the elves because I adore anyone who can successfully make the whole “leggings as pants” thing work, but no matter your Christmas character preference, there is an outfit for you in their honor.

1. Mrs. Claus

Club L Plus Velvet Plunge Front Maxi Dress, $90, ASOS

Mrs. C. has been working that red velvet dress for the last couple hundred years. With an anything-but-simple red velvet maxi, it's easy to pull off a chic holiday copycat.

River Island Black Pom Pom Heeled Sandals, $126, ASOS

Floor-length red velvet is quite bold, so Santa's main squeeze usually finishes off her frock with a simple black shoe. Definitely go black, but take it up a notch with a black furry pom pom embellishment that pays homage to Mrs. Claus' penchant for fur trims.

Story Of Lola Faux Fur Clutch In Cream, $37, ASOS

If you are looking for OTT Mrs. Claus, go for a simple black shoe sans the pom and trade out your trusty tote for a white fur clutch. Paired with the iconic red velvet, you're totally putting out North Pole leading lady vibes.

2. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

Community Poeta Dress, $165, Aritzia

Rudolph may be famous for his red nose, but his cute coat of brown fur is also on point, and the ideal inspiration for a cozy marled sweater dress.

Leather Western Ankle Boots, $100, Zara

A structure black ankle boot balances out the oversized nature of the fur-inspired sweater dress and is basically the shoe version of Rudolph's hooves. It's perfect for all that holiday prancing and dancing.

Luxe Asscher Cut Pave Studs, $88, Henri Bendel

Ruby red jewels are the only accessory needed when paying homage to your favorite reindeer and his illuminating nose. Ears so incandescent, the big man himself may recruit you.

Chic Rhinestone Faux Ruby Ring, $3, Rose Wholesale

I mean, maybe you want to throw in a matching ring. Rudolph's nose does lead Santa's sleigh and eight other reindeer around the entire world in one night, so upping the bling will only serve to match his brightness.

3. Frosty The Snowman

Karen Scott Plus Size Turtleneck White Sweater, $20, Macys

Frosty has been trendsetting for years, boldly wearing white after Labor Day long before it was even a debate and going totally monochromatic. He's basically the Gigi Hadid of holiday characters. Start off your all-white winter look with a crisp, cozy turtleneck sweater.

Melissa McCarthy Stretch Slim Ankle Jeans, $53, Nordstrom

Pair your oversized white knit with a pair of slim ankle jeans of the same non-color to keep the matchy-matchy look going.

Chuck Taylor All Star Leather, $65, Converse

Taking another page out of the supermodel street style handbook, tie together your snowman vibes with an all-white leather sneaker to make monochrome casually chic.

Kate Spade Small Square Studs, $38, Kate Spade

And what would a Frosty The Snowman inspired look be without a reference to his "two eyes made out of coal?" Bring a little coal-inspired bling to your otherwise all-white outfit with black stone stud earrings.

4. Holiday Elf

Tissue Turtleneck T-Shirt, $34, J.Crew

As one of Santa's helpers, your outfit goal is basically to slay the red/green color combo. A deep green turtleneck is essential in getting that seasonal theme started.

Bi-Stretch Slim Crop Pants, $60, Gap

Since you went green on top, the bottom half is obviously reserved for a bold red pant.

Women's Plaid Scarf, $38, Abercrombie

To bring the two holiday-hued pieces together, add in a plaid accessory that is equal parts red and green. Now you've got a seriously elfish theme going.

Sloan Glitter D'Orsay Flats With Mini Bow, $158, J.Crew

Elves have always had a strong pointed toe shoe game. Steal their preferred silhouette, but opt for a mini bow in place of the jingle belle topper and go all-in on the holographic glitter. Elves are nothing if not over the top.

Turns out, Christmas characters are both heartwarming and style inspiring.

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