5 Ways To Use The New Twitter Emoji

As thrilled as we all were about the iOS 9.1 update that brought plentiful new emoji to our arsenal, Twitter was a little slow to the party. Fortunately, as you may have heard, Twitter is finally blessing the emoji fiends of the world with desktop support for all emoji, including those from the 9.1 update and the diverse emoji that have been around for a bit longer. In order to celebrate the occasion, I've taken the liberty of coming up with some inspiration on ways to use the new Twitter emoji. You're welcome.

Though such gems as the taco and cheese wedge emoji only recently arrived on both iOS and Android devices, Apple devices have had access to racially diverse emoji (which, as much as I love tacos, are definitely the more important of the images) since April of this year. At the time, though, Twitter's desktop site didn't offer support for the update, meaning that any number of emoji were simply transformed into boxes of mystery. The same issue followed with the arrival of the iOS 9.1 update, which brought along a whole brood of new additions to the emoji clan. As of Wednesday, though, emoji fiends can rejoice in tweeting most pixelated thoughts using everything from the burrito to an emoji that reflect the wonderful variety of people in the actual world.

How does one even begin to wrap their head around all of the newfound possibilities? Here are a few ideas.

1. Hint At What You Want For Christmas

Surprise! It's Nicki Minaj tickets.

2. Ask Your Roomie What They Want For Dinner

Tacos, duh. Did you even have to ask?

3. Summarize Your Favorite Movies And See If People Can Guess What They Are

Pulp Fiction, anyone? Huh? Huh?

4. Stay On Top Of Current Events

This is the Twitter/Emoji version of Michelle Obama's new video about going to college. And yes, it's as amazing as you think it is.

5. Represent Yourself And Everyone You Know

Started at the bottom, now the whole team's here.