11 Style Lessons From The 'Grease: Live' Squad

by Katie Patton

The leading ladies of Grease: Live walked the People's Choice Awards Red Carpet earlier this month, stunning in all-black everything, and bestowing upon us epic style lessons while simultaneously giving new meaning to the term #squadgoals. With a Spice Girls-esque, girl power vibe, Julianne Hough, Vanessa Hudgens, Carly Rae Jepsen, Keke Palmer, and Kether Donohue werked the pre-show, turning heads with ensembles that were each insane from head to toe. Not since the super women of "Bad Blood" walked the MTV Video Music Awards red carpet in Aug. 2015 have we seen a girl group look so fierce.

Some folks say a squad is only as strong as its weakest link, but the Grease: Live babes are all powerful, each one as on point as the next. From the moment the world’s new Sandra Dee and her gals stepped out, I have been contemplating how to translate their looks from formal to street style-friendly. Between proving that black is always hard to beat, reminding us of the power of a chic sequin, putting out the notion of metallic as a new neutral, and bringing us the smoky cat-eye, Hough and company are schooling us with fashion lessons we can easily incorporate into our everyday.

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Seriously, could they look any more amazing? The squad game is strong. Here are 11 fashion and beauty lessons to take away from the leading ladies of Grease: Live.

1. Black Is The New Black

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The Grease: Live girl squad was all-black everything goals on the People's Choice Awards Red Carpet earlier this month, basically making the concept of color in your wardrobe an unnecessary one. They killed it in varying shades and textures of the hue, giving a whole new meaning to monochrome. Be right back. I'm going to purge all colors out of my weekly wardrobe rotation.

2. Sequins Are Still A Staple


After the past couple of years of sequin everything, some of us might have momentarily thought that the big bling moment was on its way out... until Julianne Hough owned the red carpet in the freshest of floor-length sparkles. All hail the all-over sequin as a continuing staple, especially when it transforms black from basic to brilliant. The 2016 flair forecast is strong.

3. A Strong Metallic Game Is A Must


The shade of gunmetal that is Vanessa Hudgens' dress is what metallic dreams are made of. Her curve-hugging sheath with that thigh-high slit and oh-so '90s spaghetti straps is insane, but the shimmer is nearly enough to make us forget about sequins altogether. While Hudgens' look is total va-va voom, her modern shimmer could easily become a new everyday neutral for the new year.

4. Don't Be Afraid Of Showing A Little Shoulder

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Kether Donohue for the sexy silhouette win, guys. While there is still lots of love for a good cut-out or a slit that showcases lots of leg out there, Donohue reminds us just how good showing off a little shoulder can be. Note to self: Acquire many shoulder-baring shirts in time for summer.

5. Or Rocking A Crop Top


Can we all just agree that, for the foreseeable future, crop tops can be combined with high-waisted bottoms all year round? Keke Palmer proved short shirts, particularly black lace ones, are statement-makers ideal for spicing up any outfit — be it on the red carpet or the street. Excuse me while I sneak off to pair crop tops with a blazer and midriff-covering dark denim all day, every day.

6. Top Knots Are Still On Point


Julianne Hough not only offered continued validity for the sequin with her People's Choice look this year, but she also all but dared us to rock a top knot. Hough's bun felt chic and fresh, forcing many of us to seriously re-consider any above-the-shoulder cuts we were planning on in the coming year.

7. Chokers Are Golden

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The '90s are back and no one can stop it. As if anyone would even want to after Hudgens' reminded us how clutch a choker can be. Statement necklaces are going to have to share the spotlight, because chokers are everything when paired with an open neckline.

8. Rocking Big Ring Bling Is Totes Trendy

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Whether striking a pose or taking a selfie, the Grease: Live gang was showing off their big time ring bling on the red carpet. From full finger statement pieces to wrap-around rhinestones and stackables on every digit, our jewelry arsenal needs them all in the coming year.

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9. Embrace The Smoky Cat Eye

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While we have been busy trying to replicate Taylor Swift's unfairly perfect cat-eye or shading the ever-beloved smoky eye, Carly Rae Jepsen was combining the two looks for the most epic smoky cat eye, forcing us to question all we have learned. I am going to need a YouTube tutorial stat, because this is the new go-to.

10. Fresh Faces Are Fabulous

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Jepsen's smoky cat eye brought us all the necessary drama, but Palmer and Hough showed us how take the fresh-faced, "I woke up like this" look to the next level for day or night. Both beauties went for lightly tinted lips and cheeks that had them glowing while pumping up the volume with bold lashes.

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11. The "Wob" Is A New It-Do

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Hair gurus called it early this year, predicting that the wavy bob (aka the wob) would be the breakout hairstyle star of 2016. At first, I was wary of yet another hair trend with a crazy combination name. But after seeing Vanessa Hudgens stun with a chicly slicked-back version of the cut, I am all but racing to the salon chair for a textured chop.

So there's your style and beauty update for 2016, all thanks to Grease: Live's biggest style stars.

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