Bernie Sanders' Bold Tweets On Iowa Caucus Day

The Iowa caucuses kick off on Monday, and its results could determine the presidential candidates' success in the upcoming general election. Although veteran candidates, like Hillary Clinton and Rick Santorum, joined the 2016 presidential race, an unexpected group of outsiders have gained national attention. From business mogul Donald Trump to retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, there's a mix of political pundits and inexperienced candidates alike. As voters head to the caucuses to support their candidates, Democratic outsider and millennial favorite Bernie Sanders led Clinton in the polls for the first time ever. His tweets showed his new, radical side.

Until now, Clinton has consistently led the Democratic polls over Sanders. However, on the crucial day in Iowa, first-time caucus voters pushed Sanders three points ahead of Clinton. The overall voter support became 49 percent Sanders to Clinton's 46 percent. Similarly to the 2008 presidential elections, this year voters have expressed a desire for change, and many young people believe that Sanders, the 74-year-old senator from Vermont, could bring the change they're looking for. In fact, among voters who see the political system as "rigged" in favor of the rich, Sanders received 50 percent support for president, compared to Clinton's 39 percent.

As caucus-goers prepare to cast their votes, Sanders has emerged as the Democratic favorite in Iowa. In response to this support, Sanders changed up his social media campaign, making bold statements on Twitter criticizing the current state of the U.S. government.

Sanders Attacks The Rich

Of the people surveyed in the Des Moines Register poll, 67 percent said they believe the system is rigged against all but the very rich and powerful. Only 38 percent of Republicans believed the same.

Since Sanders holds a majority support among first-time caucus voters, as well as half of the support from those who criticize the system for supporting the wealthy, he used Twitter to make it known that he, too, is unhappy with the unequal distribution of wealth.

Sanders Advocates For Healthcare And Social Security Reform

Annual healthcare costs are around $10,000 per person in the U.S. Similarly, compared to the average developed country, the U.S. spends twice as much on healthcare. In his promises to Americans, Sanders has advocated for healthcare reform, specifically saying that he would offer free healthcare if elected president.

This radical reformation plan gained the support of many young people, and Sanders continued to make it clear that he is adamantly against the current cost of healthcare in the U.S.

Sanders Vs. Hillary Clinton

If Sanders wants to receive the Democratic nomination, it is important that he makes clear his and Clinton's opposing views on the important issues. Although Sanders took a three-point lead in the polls on the day of the Iowa caucuses, he decided to throw out a subtle attack against Clinton on Twitter. In the past, Sanders fervently opposed the Keystone XL pipeline, arguing to keep 80 percent of fossil fuel reserves in the ground. Sanders and Clinton have both expressed concern about climate change, but the key difference, according to Sanders' bold tweets, is that Clinton is hypocritical in her opposition of fossil fuel reserves. (Previously, Clinton was inclined to support Keystone XL.)

With a small but important lead over Clinton among first-time caucus-goers, Sanders made his views clear as the Iowa caucuses approached on the evening of Feb. 1. As Sanders surpassed Clinton in the most recent polls, the announcement was undoubtedly exciting for his campaign, and the results could be telling of his success as a first-time presidential hopeful in the caucuses.