You Need These Iowa Caucus Jokes & Tweets

Iowans waited patiently for their moment to shine in the 2016 electoral process, and Monday night finally brought them the sweet, sweet opportunity to do not much more than walk to different parts of a room and stand in a crowd. Well, that's not totally true. The evening could also involve some enthusiastic shouting at one's neighbors to step away from the Donald Trump groupies and get their behinds over to the Jeb Bush fan area. And what would help the citizens of Iowa shine even more than to point out all the silliness that goes down in the state during caucus time? So here are a few of the seriously funny Iowa Caucus jokes and tweets that make you realize just how wacky the event can get.

The Twitter quips and ROFL-worthy Vines don't only go after the "my life depends on it" kind of behavior Iowans exhibit in abundance throughout the caucus. There is, of course, a whole lot of that. The jokes go so much deeper than simply teasing residents of the Hawkeye State, though, by offering a pretty fantastic look at human nature: the loneliness that is standing in an empty Martin O'Malley supporters room, reporters' childlike fascination with how Iowans will vote, and the never-ending struggle of people everywhere to understand what Ben Carson is thinking.

More to come...