10 Easy DIY Kids Valentines' That Don't Look Storebought

February 14 is just around the corner, which means it's time to prepare your child (or niece, or neighbor's adorable kid) with some amazing valentines to bring to their classroom Valentine's Day party. Instead of stopping at the nearest CVS to buy the same Despicable Me or Frozen-themed cards like everyone else, opt for making your own. Although this sounds like it could turn into an absolute nightmare — glue in your hair, kids running with scissors, glitter in all sorts of crevices, etc. — purchasing a DIY kit will alleviate the stress of starting the crafting project from scratch.

The beauty of using a DIY kit to make valentines is that most of the work is already done for you. Seriously, these things are so user-friendly that they seem almost impossible to screw up. So if cutting and pasting are the extent of your crafting skills, or your audience is a little too young to appreciate a humorous store-bought card, here's a compilation of kits that will make the kids declare you Saint Valentine.

Be Mine

Save yourself some time and a headache from trying to cut out the perfect paper heart and use this DIY kit instead. Everything is ready for you, just add a little glue to assemble.

Make Your Own Valentine Cards Kit, $15, Acarrdian Cards on Etsy

Faux Glitter Pencils

Save the glitter drama for someone else’s mama. You’ll thank Creative Union Design for crafting these downloadable designs when your hair and home are glitter-free.

DIY Valentine Heart Pencil Covers, $5, Creative Union Design on Etsy

Simply Cut and Paste

No need to trace a heart stencil to make this valentine. Simply download the PDF from VLHamlin Design and cut and paste the pieces into this adorable homemade card. Personalize it by adding a message on the back.

Heart Craft Instant Download, $3, VLHamlin Design on Etsy

Assembly Required

This kit leaves plenty of room for the imagination. PaperUnlimited supplies the cutouts but leaves out instructions so your child (read: you) can assemble the cards however they choose.

Valentine Card Kit DIY Set of 10, $7.50, Paper Unlimited on Etsy

I Mustache You to Be My Valentine

Your child will be the coolest hipster in class with this easy-to-assemble card kit. Save a few for yourself to hand out to coworkers and friends.

Valentine’s Stache Kit, $9, Coco Loco Papercraft on Etsy

Out of this World

For the more ambitious types, this kit comes with all the materials to send your valentine creations to the moon (corny space puns not included). Some of the shapes are pre-cut, but the more intricate detailing is up to you.

Valentine Rockets Kit, $15.95, Paper Source

Goodie Goodie

If you want to go the extra mile and torture your child’s teacher by handing out candy, then this is your best option. Stuff the bag, add stickers, and — voilà — you’re finished.

DIY Valentine Small Goodie Bag Kit, $8, Paper and Present on Etsy

All Supplies Included

This kit from Kiwi Crate even provides the glue stick and washable markers so you don’t have to panic when you realize you have neither in your house. Bonus: these cards pop-up so they’ll make you seem super-crafty.

Handmade Valentines, $14.95, Kiwi Crate

Ombré Hearts

Feminine types will love this traditional kit — just punch out the pre-cut shapes and add glue to create a perfect ombré heart.

Ombré Valentine Hearts Kit, $19.95, Paper Source

Have a Hoot

These little guys look like they require hours of hard work, but the pieces are all pre-cut. Just add glue!

Owl Valentine Card Kit, $18.95, Paper Source