Wanna See Some Babies Dressed As Bernie?

There's no denying that Bernie Sanders looks like an adorable grandpa you just want to wrap you in a big hug and tell you stories about the good ol' days, but his baldness also makes him closely resemble all babies. After realizing this, an inspired genius dressed their baby up as Sanders, coining the phrase "babies for Bernie." As most adorable things do, the trend took off online, and parents across America began posting photos of babies for Bernie. I mean, who doesn't love a picture of a cute baby dressed up as literally anything?

According to ABC News, Ashira Siegel started the #BabiesForBernie hashtag after photoshopping disheveled white hair and glasses onto a photo of her son. Siegel told ABC News that she thinks it became so popular because it allows parents to be involved in politics while still taking care of their children. "Our kids are the future, and Bernie becoming president is going to affect them the most," she said. The Sanders campaign loved the memes and even features some of them on its website, saying: "All winning campaigns are about the future."

Dressing up babies as Sanders was popular for Halloween, but resurfaced again during the Iowa caucuses Monday, and no one's complaining (except maybe Hillary Clinton). Check out the precious #BabiesForBernie photos circulating Twitter for an overload of cuteness.

You're welcome.