Bernie Sanders Is Having None Of The GOP Debate

For the first time this election season, the Republican party held a debate on the weekend. The eighth GOP debate took place on Saturday at St. Anselm College mere days before the New Hampshire Primary. The right got a chance to experience one of the pitfalls that the left had been facing by riskily holding a debate on a fairly busy weekend with plenty of programming to contend with. If you were worried about viewers missing the clash of prominent Republican candidates, at least take comfort in the fact that someone was paying attention, though not at all happy with the events unfolding onstage. Bernie Sanders' GOP debate response was nothing short of brilliant.

Sanders frequently takes to Twitter to give his thoughts on GOP debates. The Vermont senator stayed quiet throughout the event, however, issuing a lone tweet in response to reports of North Korea launching a missile just as the debate was kicking off. The issue was never brought up by moderators David Muir and Martha Raddatz, though Ben Carson did touch upon it before answering an entirely unrelated question. The issues that were mentioned included foreign policy, eminent domain, and immigration. Sanders was having none of it and responded accordingly.

Perhaps the most notable exchanges of the debate were between Trump and Bush as well as Rubio and Christie, all of whom were engaged in their own war of words. Sanders engaged in none of it, instead choosing to sit out the verbal fireworks as he prepared for his appearance on Saturday Night Live later in the evening. "What did I think of the #GOPDebate ? Not good enough. Watch Saturday Night Live instead," Sanders titled the Vine that he tweeted just as the GOP debate had wrapped up. The looped video shows the Vermont senator looking straight into the camera, shaking his head, and furrowing his brow.

It's unclear just how many people tuned into the seventh GOP debate. Plenty more will presumably stay up to watch Sanders' appearance on SNL, hoping that the presidential hopeful and comedian Larry David switch places or at least have a Sanders-off of sorts. The Democratic candidate has previously voiced his support for David's portrayal, stating that "in terms of Larry David, I think we're going to put him up on the stage at our next rally — let him do it rather than me. He does it better than I do." Clearly Sanders has bigger things to focus on, such as who is the better Bernie, than tweet away about the GOP debate.