Bernie's Son Levi Makes A Rare Appearance In NH

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders delivered a victory speech at a rally in New Hampshire Tuesday evening, and it may have got you wondering — is Levi Sanders in New Hampshire? The presidential candidate has kept his family life pretty private throughout his campaign, but his son Levi did actually show up Tuesday to support him during his victory speech.

Levi's work centers around making sure that free noncriminal legal services are accessible to people living in poverty, and he's never called his dad "dad," because it's too authoritarian. If that doesn't sound like a Sanders, I don't know what does. Though Levi was much more involved in his father's 2006 reelection campaign for Vermont's State Senate, could his appearance at tonight's primaries — his first public appearance with Bernie since October — signal potential future involvement in the Sanders campaign? His work in advocacy both professionally and in his personal time could play a key role moving forward, considering that both Sanders share a vision for the future that is inclusive and social-justice-oriented.

Here's Levi (left of Bernie) at Tuesday's rally, supporting his father's "radical idea" of an economy that works for all people, and not just the one percent:

Honestly, whether you've been feeling the Bern, are starting to feel the Bern, or are still trying to decide for yourself what it means to feel the Bern, the only thing better than one Sanders in this campaign is two.