Chris Christie Is Considering His Future

On Tuesday night, shortly after a disappointing finish in New Hampshire (and in Iowa prior to that), Chris Christie suggested that he's thinking of dropping out of the presidential race. In a speech made after his disappointing sixth-place finish, Christie said that he was going to go home to New Jersey and "take a deep breath." He is widely expected to be seriously considering dropping out of the presidential race, which he entered with high hopes, but in which he has never seen significant traction.

In seventh and eighth place behind Christie are Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson, both of whom face an uphill climb if they choose to continue. Donald Trump was declared the winner of the New Hampshire GOP primary just minutes after polls closed, a week after he came in second place to Ted Cruz in the Iowa caucuses. According to the Associated Press, Christie told his supporters that although he was disappointed in the New Hampshire results, he would wait for final tallies and return to New Jersey, where his best work could be done (and, presumably, big decisions could be made).

When a supporter in the crowd booed Trump, Christie humbly told them "[Trump] deserves congratulations."

Although Christie has put up quite the fight since announcing his candidacy in June, many observers believe that his disappointing New Hampshire finish, coupled with his tenth-place finish in the Iowa caucuses, will spell the end for his campaign.