Marco Rubio Is Not Happy About New Hampshire

Tuesday was a difficult night for Republican presidential hopeful Marco Rubio, who faced an upset, finishing in fifth place in New Hampshire's primary with about 10 percent of the state's Republican vote. He avoided blaming voters in a speech given after the results were in, saying, "Our disappointment tonight is not on you." The candidate, who was eliciting excitement after his third-place finish in Iowa just one week prior, appeared downtrodden and dismayed, but still determined to do better. Apparently, he believes the results in New Hampshire are largely due to his highly criticized performance in the most recent Republican presidential debate on Saturday, Feb. 6. He flat-out said it, in fact:

I did not do well on Saturday night.

Well, at least he is taking responsibility for his own failing. It certainly was not his finest moment in the spotlight. It appears Rubio is prepared for the long journey that awaits him in his quest for delegates throughout the nation. Competitor Christie, who roundly criticized Rubio in the debate, did even worse, coming in with 8 percent of the Republican vote after months of focusing his campaign efforts in New Hampshire.

Christie is now headed back to New Jersey to reevaluate his campaign, while Rubio continues along the trail toward South Carolina and Nevada, where the next primary and caucus, respectively, are set to take place. His attitude remains positive overall, as he expressed during his Tuesday speech:

We will win this election. Because if we do not win this election, we may lose our country.

Does he have a chance to win? Could his issue truly derive from his own mind, as some speculate, or is he simply fighting an uphill battle with the forces that are Ted Cruz and Donald Trump? Others claim that his game did not go as planned, and that his opportunity for the nomination is long behind him. Was there really momentum for him from Iowa, or was that simply a representation of how many Iowa voters felt toward him? The answers are out there, but they won't come to light for at least another few weeks. Until then, it's preparation time for Sen. Rubio.