In Love? 6 Ways to Say It With Emojis

Quoth dreamboat/ladykiller Prince Hamlet, "Words, words, words." Silly little good-for-nothing words! When it comes to expressing love — or, in Hamlet's case, angst and vengeance — words can often fall short. But you know what language never fails to articulate a sentiment? The language of emojis, in which yellow faces, animals, and most fruits have a pictoral symbol. Here are five ways to say it with emojis this Valentine's Day.

1. "I am strong when I am on your shoulders."

(We firmly believe that Josh Groban is a huge Emoji user.)

2. Spell it out.

The loving cat Emoji is best used in excess, after all.

3. Let The Cure say it for you:

And then go eat some fries with your lovah.

4. Or make like Queen Bey and get drunnnnnk in love:

Surfboard, watamelon, etc.

5. Give him/her what everyone really wants: hearts and elephants.

6. Or Maybe Try Something Dirty...

Why don't you just consider the above a compilation of all the emoticons that can be potentially used for sexual innuendo purposes and not read too much into the actual order...

The best part of this whole exercise is that, as you can see, it is totally fine to spend a good chunk of time texting these to only yourself! Especially if your lovah doesn't have a smart phone.

Image: Fotolia