Would You Use a Tampon Flask?

There are practically endless ways to sneak alcohol into illicit places — those places usually being venues that sell liquor at astronomical prices you're unwilling to pay. Hiding bottles in baguettes, pouring tequila into a sunscreen bottle, tucking ziplock baggies in bras — people have thought of pretty much everything to sneak that extra buzz into a concert to save a few bucks.

But now ladies have yet another stealthy option for sneaking their friends Jim and Jose into the show: for only $9.99, you can purchase Smuggle Your Booze's 5-pack of tampon flasks! Yes, these alcohol containers appear to be feminine hygiene products (vodka-soaked tampons are a thing of the past), but they're actually designed to safely hold your covert alcohol. Each reusable flask holds 1oz (a shot) of alcohol and is wrapped in a plastic tampon wrapper — marked with the word "tampon," as all tampons are — to conceal the evidence.

Though perhaps a bit suspicious to female security guards who may feel some sloshing in your tampon case, this is one way women can truly pull one over on men.

"Throw in your purse or pocket for a quick shot whenever and wherever you want it." Smuggle Your Booze — the company behind "Boobie Bags" ie the "instant boob job that gives a 4oz lift on each side while "comfortably hidden in your bra" — suggests for these booze tubes.

Would you willingly taking a shot out of a faux tampon? Are our menstrual woes finally being redeemed by this sneaky tool or are these super gender-specific flasks just encouraging men to continue to be afraid of all things period related? They have no idea how much tampons cost anyways...

Image: Isla Murray/Bustle