Kalamazoo Shooting Spree Kills 6, Injures 2

Six people were killed, and two others were injured, on Saturday night in a series of shootings throughout Kalamazoo, Michigan. The deadly shooting spree spanned three locations around the city in southwestern Michigan, but police said Sunday morning that there was no further risk to the public, as a suspect had been taken into custody. Now, the community will begin its mourning process, as the Kalamazoo shooting claimed eight more victims of gun violence. Update: The victims who were shot outside a Cracker Barrel were identified as Mary Lou Nye, 62; Mary Jo Nye, 60; Dorothy Brown, 74; and Barbara Hawthorne, 68. The victims who were shot outside a car dealership were identified as Tyler Smith, 18, and his father, Rich Smith.

The suspect allegedly first opened fire around 6 p.m. in an apartment complex parking lot, where he shot a woman who was with her three children. The woman remained in serious condition as of early Sunday morning. Around 10 p.m., the suspect reportedly shot a father and son at a local car dealership, killing them both. Finally, the gunman shot five people people roughly 15 minutes later at a nearby Cracker Barrel restaurant. The victims were reportedly sitting in two separate cars outside the restaurant when they were shot. Four of the five victims in the third shooting were killed. One victim, a 14-year-old girl, was initially reported dead, but later that report was negated. Rather, the local county prosecutor confirmed Sunday morning that the girl was "gravely injured."

Few details have emerged about the victims, as the police worked overnight to arrest the only suspect in the case and reassure the public that the danger was over. Early Sunday morning, local officials confirmed this news during a press conference and detailed the violent path that the shooter took. The news conference did not reveal any of the victims' identities, however officials did give some details about the status of the surviving victims.

First, officials confirmed that the first victim, the woman who was shot at the apartment complex, was expected to survive. As for the 14-year-old girl who was shot at the Cracker Barrel along with four adults, the news conference reiterated that the teenager was alive, refuting earlier reports that she had died. Still, officials emphasized the severity of her injuries.


Officials also revealed that one of the victims who was shot at the car dealership was an 18-year-old male. This fits other reports that the two victims killed there were a father and son. At the Cracker Barrel, all five victims were female. All, except for the 14-year-old who survived, were adults.

In total, the Kalamazoo shooting spree claimed the lives of at least six adults, including one 18-year-old man and four adult women. Two others, an adult women and a 14-year-old girl, survived but were seriously injured. News of the shooting spree sounds all-too-familiar to Americans, who continue to debate the need for gun control and other legislation aimed at curbing the rate of gun violence in the U.S.