This GOP Repro Rights Quiz Will Open Your Eyes

The group of Republican presidential candidates has narrowed in recent weeks, going from something like a dozen down to a cozy five (read that as three if you discount John Kasich and the ever-hopeful Ben Carson). And in the midst of all the chaos and serious shade being thrown, from Trump to Cruz to Bush to Rubio and back to Trump again, the candidates' actual political stances may have gotten lost. Luckily, NARAL Pro-Choice America has done the work for you, and has put together a handy set of questions which clearly explains which policies the top Republican candidates support when it comes to reproductive rights. But beware: This quiz on the GOP candidates' reproductive rights platforms will make you cringe.

NARAL's National Communications director Kaylie Hanson tells Bustle that the cloudiness around the candidates' reproductive rights platforms sparked the idea to create the quiz:

In a presidential race that once featured more than 20 candidates, it can be tough to keep track of everyone's opinions on all the important issues facing our country—especially when it comes to reproductive freedom, one of the most fundamental, essential rights we need to expand and protect.
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But the six-question quiz (yes, that's all it takes) makes crystal clear what the top three GOP candidates think about issues such as abortion, paid leave during and after a pregnancy, and Planned Parenthood services. Each question provides you with a potential real-life scenario, then asks you to guess if Rubio, Trump, or Cruz would support your decision in the situation.

You might be a little apprehensive to jump right into the test, considering how you probably aren't so sure of the details of each candidates' reproductive rights platform. To calm any nerves about your level of knowledge on the subject, here's a look at one of the questions:

One day, you decide you want an abortion because you want an abortion. The reason doesn’t matter. Which candidate thinks your opinion matters?

There's no reason at all to fear answering a question incorrectly, since NARAL helps you along with its marvelously cheeky approach. Actually, the only aspects of this quiz that should scare you are the answers themselves.

If this mini-exam were a joke, what you face after hitting the "See The Answers" button would most definitely be the punchline. NARAL, however, is only spitting truth — making it all that much more essential for you to make your guesses and find out where the Republican frontrunners stand.