Is Rubio Selling 'Trump Watches' On His Website?

At the 10th Republican debate, Marco Rubio brought out the big guns and said that if Donald Trump hadn't inherited so much money, he'd be "selling watches in Manhattan." And like clockwork, before the debate was even over, Rubio listed a "Trump Watch" for sale on his official campaign website.

“Here’s a guy that inherited $200 million,” Rubio said on the debate stage. “If he hadn’t inherited $200 million, you know where Donald Trump would be right now? Selling watches in Manhattan!” Soon enough, the official store over at started selling a "Trump Watch."

Well, sort of. The website has a picture of a watch with a cracked screen next to a $10 price tag. "AS SEEN ON TV," the item description says. "'If Donald Trump hadn’t inherited $200 million, he’d be selling watches like these in Manhattan.' -Marco."

And yet then, one line down, came the disappointing rejoinder.

"NOTE: You won’t actually get a broken Trump watch, but your $10 donation will help Marco stop him."

Ahh, so this was all just a fundraising ploy! That's probably disappointing for the Marco Rubio fans who earnestly wanted to buy a broken watch in order to signal their opposition to Donald Trump.

As with much of politics, this may have been planned ahead of time. Listen closely to the exchange between Rubio and Trump at the debate: Before Rubio had even finished delivering the attack line, several members of the audience started applauding and shouting wildly. It's almost as if there were Rubio allies who knew the attack was coming ahead of time and were excited to hear it play out in real time! The fact that the official store had this item up so quickly also indicates that maybe, just maybe, this was premeditated.

But hey, when you haven't won a single primary and your own party is suggesting that you drop out of the race, you do whatever you can to scrap for more time in the race.