Gender Roles Reversed in "Football Party" Video

In Yahoo's web series "The Flip Side," a new, timely release titled "Football Party" shows men providing the baked goods and sipping on wine coolers while the women are manning the grill and talking fantasy league picks. While the video has humorous undertones, the nature of it is, well, pretty sexist.

Other videos in the series show characters swapping their inherent traits or society-prescribed roles. The "Cats & Dogs" one shows a pup perching on top of the fridge while a cat tears apart his master's bedding and shoe collection, and it's pretty freaking funny; "Parenting" shows a kid giving his dad a talk about the birds and the bees. But the episodes ("Camping"; "Dating"; "Valentine's Day") that swap gender roles miss the mark and this new video is no exception.

As seen in the football short, the men are now complaining about the lack of healthy food options, admonishing their girlfriends for losing money on bets, and struggling to understand the rules of the game. The women, instead, are playing corn hole, crushing beers, and speaking condescendingly to their boyfriends when they finally understand a play. The thing is, not all women are lame couch cheerleaders and who prefer grilled veggies to cheeseburgers. Stereotyping women, in this case, is a flag on the field.

Unfortunately, Yahoo fumbles the touchdown pass on this one.