For Men, The Shopping Struggle Is Real

If you're thinking about going shopping with your boyfriend anytime soon, think again. According to the Daily Mail, men get bored of shopping after a mere 26 minutes, whereas it takes women two hours to lose interest. Research also shows that one in four men get so incredibly bored they'll leave their partner behind at the mall and head home. Their reasons for leaving include: women taking too long to make decisions, busy shops, time wasted indoors on nice days, and a sports game being broadcasted at that time. Not to mention the fact that they may dislike shopping for evolutionary reasons, according to ABC News.

We get it, guys. The struggle is real, and Instagram account @miserable_men is proving it with a collection of pictures featuring sad, bored, and downright exhausted fellas photographed in malls, outside shops, and sitting in dressing room lounges, often surrounded by numerous shopping bags. These melancholy males are pictured alone and oftentimes asleep.

See this guy, who is casually relaxing among several heavy bags. You can just read his mind, "I'm no pack mule."

Sometimes it's better to sleep to forget the pain. I want to believe this is in a K-Mart, considering the furniture and Barbie bicycle combo.

If you set up human-sized cushioned benches, a mall is just asking for this to happen.

Obviously, this man missed the memo behind him, "No grumpy husbands." Then again, who would want to mess with him?

I don't think I've seen so much defeat in a bathing suit shop since the last time I went shopping for one myself.

Worst of all may be this shot of a boy watching his mother's purse. Get used to it, junior. This may be your future.

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Image: miserable_men/Instagram