A Look Back at Our First Facebook Posts Ever

Today marks Facebook's tenth birthday. A full decade ago, 19-year-old Mark Zuckerberg created a now billion-dollar company from his Harvard dorm room. Although Facebook has come a long way over the past ten years, a trip through your Facebook history will prove you changed right along with it. In celebration of Facebook's tenth birthday we asked our staff to scroll back to their early days of Facebook existence and send us their first posts. Below is the good, the boring, and the weird from our early days on Facebook.

For the early adopters of Facebook, statuses weren't an option so instead friends bantered back and forth on each other's walls. Since Facebook messaging didn't exist yet either, your conversations with friends were posted for the world to see. Even during Facebook's toddlerhood, wall posts often read like something you might write in someone's senior yearbook.

There was a lot of love in Facebook's beginning... but certainly not by the time I joined:

Come 2006, we could FINALLY share our thoughts with the rest of the world via status updates. The "is" used to be included at the beginning of the post which yielded many "is bored" updates. But if you didn't delete the mandatory "is," your updates ended up looking a bit strange:

(Note: There was no culmination post to this countdown so I'm left wondering what I did on Oct. 15, 2008.)

But how about those who were on Facebook when the statuses first became available? Surprisingly, the Bustle staff had some yawn-worthy posts to mark their first ever Facebook status.

Kate's posts did evolve by the end of 2007, however, to truly mark an important time in history.

As far as early Facebook photos go, they are the same selfies and strange group shots we see on your Facebook timeline today.

"Here I am with my best friend, whose foot I broke when we were 16 and I was pulling her across the room during a party, accidentally knocking her to the ground in the process. You can see from her face that she hasn't quite forgiven me yet." - Jenny Hollander

"This was the first photo of me ever posted on Facebook. Arghh!" - Alex Finkel

"Notice the flip phone." - Kate Ward

"High school play. I was Inez." - Rachel Krantz

"Keep in mind I was a 17-year-old girl in Ohio and this is the kind of stuff we apparently did for fun." - Hayley Saltzman (Unfortunately the duck face has been around on Facebook since the beginning...)

"My first profile pic. Yes, it's a selfie — taken with photobooth on my laptop, however, not a phone." - Elizabeth Nolan Brown

And in perhaps the most prescient of all first Facebook posts ever:

Whether you still use Facebook or not, I highly advise you drop whatever you are doing and look through back at your Facebook history IMMEDIATELY. You can thank me later for the hours of entertainment. Here's to the next 10 years, Facebook!