Your Life According to Facebook

If you haven't heard already, today marks Facebook's 10th birthday, which means we should probably be getting Mark Zuckerberg a present — but instead he and the Facebook engineers are gifting us personalized videos that look back on our first statuses, shared photos, and other momentous virtual life events as documented on the site.

Set to a sentimental piano track, Facebook brings you through your first moments on the website, showing your profile picture and the year you joined. The video continues to display photos from the first few years, highlighting those with the most likes. The photo montage proceeds with most liked posts and photos you've shared. The final pan features a collage of recent and old photos before the iconic "like" thumb appears on screen.

Each "A Look Back" video lasts about a minute long and is the most effective when the user has been on Facebook since its beginning stages and doesn't have their content completely private to the public. Otherwise, expect a short slideshow of your profile pictures. Facebook should be notifying users throughout the day when their videos are ready to view, but if you can't handle the anticipation of seeing those embarrassing junior prom photos accompanied by delicate music, then click here.

Image: Facebook