How To Turn Your Facebook Reactions Into Trump

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If you're having fun using Facebook's expanded range of reactions in addition to the "Like" button, you'll be delighted to learn that you can give yourself the gift of even more types of reactions. The browser extension Facebook Reaction Packs gives you the option to add everything from Donald Trump's face to stone-printed emoji to your Facebook posts. If variety is the spice of life... well, our online lives just got a whole lot more interesting.

The Facebook Reaction Packs were designed by UC Berkeley student Rodney Folze (so no, they're not official Facebook offerings), who has used his creativity to allow us to expand the repertoir of our reactions to Facebook posts. The Reaction Packs include everything from Pokemon to Rage Faces, so there's probably something here to please everyone.

In case you're not aware of all of the changes that have come to Facebook recently, Facebook finally expanded their "Like" button to include other options for reactions to your friend's posts. No, there still is no "Dislike" button, but you can now give one of six other emoji reactions, ranging from "Haha" to "Wow." According to Facebook, they chose these six emojis based on results of their beta testing last year. There's no word on whether Facebook plans to expand these emoji reactions to include even more options, but thanks to Folz taking things into his own hands, it may not matter.

The new Facebook Reaction Packs can be accessed via a browser extension that is available for both Chrome and Firefox users. After you download and install the extension, all you have to do is choose the set of emoji that you would like to use, go to Facebook, and start reacting! You should then see the typical set of reaction emojis replaced by the ones you downloaded.

I decided to test out a set of these new reaction packs for myself, to see both how they work and whether they are as awesome as they seem. I chose to download the stone emoji reaction pack, mostly just because I find the look aesthetically pleasing.

As you can see, the trick does indeed work: Hovering over the "Like" button shows the stone emoji that I now have to choose from in reacting to a post. Pretty neat!

The only thing I have to note in downloading these emoji reaction packs is that you need to make sure to go back to the Reaction Packs website to choose the reaction pack you want to use; just installing the browser extension won't automatically install the emoji sets. Also, you can switch out the set of emoji you're using by going back to the main website and selecting a different option.

If none of the current reaction pack options appeal to you, or you're just a talented artist, you can actually contribute to the Reaction Pack collection by submitting your own set of emoji to be published on the site. If you're designs are accepted, you'll be credited for your submission and featured on the site along with the other Facebook Reaction Packs. If you're wondering how you can go about creating a reaction pack, view the guidelines on the Reaction Packs website.

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