How Most Feel About Sex on the First Date

Answering the really important questions: A new survey finds out how single Americans feel about first dates, friends with benefits, sexting, and the propriety of married friends. From market research company Research Now, the comprehensive survey may be a bit fluffy at times but is also somewhat enlightening. For instance, only 20 percent of singles said having sex on a first date was appropriate, but 31 percent said they have had a one night stand turn into a committed relationship. A few other interesting findings:

1. An ideal first date should last between one and four hours

More than half (54 percent) of respondents said a good first date should last between two and four hours, while 43 percent said one to two hours and (a clearly insane) three percent said a good first date least five hours or more.

2. We're tolerant of once-taboo relationships

A majority of single adults said they're fine with a range of once-taboo relationships. 86 percent approve of interracial marriage, 80 percent approve of interfaith marriage, 65 percent approve of same-sex marriage, and 76 percent approve of cohabitation before marriage. Somewhat surprisingly, only 53 percent said they're fine with "having children out of wedlock."

3. We are not cool with open relationships

Only 31 percent of men and 16 percent of women said they would be fine with a sexually open marriage.

4. About a third of single people are selfie sexters, so you're not alone

Around 35 percent of both men and women said they have sent a "sexy photo" of themselves in a text message. Closer to half (48 percent of men and 40 percent of women) said they had sent photo-less but sexually explicit text messages.

5. Sex everyday? No, thanks

Only 15 percent of men and 12 percent of women say they'd ideally have sex every day. The majority say two to three times a week is ideal.

Image: Bustle Stock Photo