"You Can't Pop Your Cherry" Video Busts Sex Myths

YouTube sensation Laci Green knows all the right moves — in bed and online. The 23-year-old self-proclaimed "sexuality geek" is the face of her popular sex education web series "Sex+," which breaks down common misconceptions and taboos surrounding the birds and the bees.

A 2010 study from the Guttmacher Institute found, somewhat unsurprisingly, that girls are less eager than boys to engage in sexual intercourse at the average age of 16. With the extensive pressure and misinformation about our bodies, it's no wonder. It's time to begin thinking differently about sex, and Green is helping women do just that.

According to her website, Green said that "Sex+" was created to positively inform the masses about sex. The web series is biweekly in addition to her daily live show, a science news web show for the Discovery Channel, and a sex education series for Planned Parenthood. In sum, this woman sure knows her sex.

And believe me when I say she is not afraid to discuss anything. Take her video "You Can't POP Your Cherry (HYMEN 101)" for instance. In the entirety of this episode, Green explains the myth behind "popping your cherry." What actually happens? Watch her video to find out and consider yourself educated.

Image: YouTube